Mikhailovna Diffine

Russia • born in 1918

Biography and information

Was born in Moscow. 1937 - Graduated from the Moscow art. school "Memory 1905". 1946 - Graduated from the Moscow art. Institute. 1957 - Joined the USDA. Works in genres: landscape, still life, portrait.

(1918, Moscow)

In 1937 graduated from the Moscow art school memory of 1905, and in 1946, the Moscow State Art Institute named after V. I. Surikov.

In 1957 he joined the Moscow Union of Artists.

The representative of the old Moscow school of painting. The successor of the creative traditions of the representatives of the Union of Russian Artists, in particular K. A. Korovin.

Solo exhibitions were held in Moscow.

Works are kept in the regional art museums of Russia.

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