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Biography and information

(2-I floor. 19 – early 20 century), Vyatka painter – Dyer. At the beginning of the 20th century engaged in seasonal occupation. According to local residents, Ivan Pavlov headed the artel of Vyatka artists. In the structure of the farm was another Vyatskaya painter – J. P. Zalishchyky. In D. Retigova krasnovisherskiy R-and D. Bright Spring Troitsko-Pechorsky district of the Komi Republic discovered their autographs on the same boards. In the Northern Kama region expeditions, scientific research Institute of art industry (Moscow), Perm. University, Perm. regional Museum (1963, 1979-1984) discovered painted interiors of peasant huts 1905-1909-ies autographed Pavlov. Paintings Pavlov applied to propecia boards, cabinets, zaborki inherent in beautiful composition of flowers, bushes stacked with birds not only local, but also the heavenly rocks. More animals painted horses and lions, placing them individually and together. The works of I. Pavlov's characteristic soft, muted colors, built on a combination of red, blue and Golden tones. Orange-red background is his painting style dominant, it goes well with the dark yellow color of old wood. Wonderful skill with which written bouquets of flowers and sitting on them birds. Good luck wizard, you can name the song growing shrub with a complex rhythm of alternation of compact groups of three to four rosettes and delicate garlands with a smoothly divergent berries. This understanding of the image of the characteristic plants of the Altai paintings and still have not met in the Ural houses. It is not excluded, either the master himself visited the Altai, seen something similar in the Urals. Painting I. Pavlov, collected in Solikamsk Museum of local lore, Perm. the regional ethnographer. the Museum of Perm. state art gallery.

(Source: encyclopedia of "Perm Krai", GN Chagin)