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Biography and information
Tatarnikov Alexander is a Russian artist, painter, founder of the popular new creative style in the fine arts - oholism. Born in Moscow on 25 June 1993. Has an art education.
Everything in Russia is gaining tremendous momentum in a new direction in the fine arts wholism. Your creative style of the artist he founded in 2012. Its innovative for Alexander Tatarnikov, working under the pseudonym DiezelSun, called wholism (UFO - UFO). He is the only representative of all Russian artists who works in this direction. DiezelSun chose their own style in relation to the ideological content of the portraits. Using computer graphics and acid colours it depicts aliens from other planets, Russian saints and ordinary people with bright eye color and halos over their heads. The topic of aliens from other worlds in the works DiezelSun hiding a certain message to people, talk to many people. Also, the artist creates a series of still lifes.
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