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Valentinovich Lyapin

born in 1966 •
artist, collector
Alexey V. Lyapina.
I was born may 13, 1966 in a small, provincial Belarusian town of Mozyr, in the family of employees. My mother worked as an engineer at the plant, my father left us, but was a living grandparent. They and we lived.
First I wanted to make a musician, bought in a thrift store a used accordion and he hired a tutor. Spending in vain. I wanted to draw.
While in high school, I led a fairly active lifestyle. Went to camp, went camping, was an artist of the school newspaper "the THORN", won in the competitions of drawings on asphalt, was making ship models, sculpted from clay knights, shot from a bow, crossbow, slingshot. Burned carbide in puddles and exploding ammunition in the fire, played soccer and raced bicycles. Summer was swimming in the river and the sea, building on the Bank of the fanciful sand castles, and in winter skiing from the surrounding mountains, jumping off homemade ramps.
When the town opened its first children's art school, I went into it without much difficulty, along the way, reading and re-reading Mark TWAIN and Arkady Gaidar, childish envying the fate of their romantic heroes...
After eight grades of elementary school, I entered the Minsk Art School named A. K. Glebov (1981-85 gg).
Studied, interrupting from threes to fours, but by the third year lost to the doctrine of interest, because passion for the theater and a guitar, hitting a student theatre "Big Physical" at Belarusian state University. (Hood. Hands. D. G. Tutuk).
The topic of the diploma I chose the illustrations for the novel by V. M. Shukshin
"I came to give you freedom" ( about the revolt of Stepan Razin), made sketches...
Theme hacked for the "ideological emptiness".
Then a large portrait of grandmother veterancy and after a couple of months, the artist at the factory, I left the ranks of the Soviet Army (1985-87 g), once to serve Riga, the headquarters of the 27 air defense corps. Went to the firing, drew secret maps, including the General staff of the air defense of the USSR I made a map of the flight of Mathias rust, the pilot, the spy who violated the state border and skillfully bypassing the affected area, landed his plane "CESSNA" on the red Square in Moscow...
I dosluzhival in another part, and, by firing, asked the direction of VGIK named after S. A. Gerasimov, intrigued his boss that promised to make a truthful film about this provocative flight.
In VGIK I have not received.
After the army, worked as a carpenter MTZ artist-azovskom at the Studio "BELARUSFILM", again acting with the direction in cinematography, again, failed to contest and returned to the Studio. Animation Studio was boiling like an anthill. Started by young graduates of Higher Courses for Directors, including I...
Based on the sketches of the degree of V. M. Shukshin, I quickly wrote a script and, with the approval of the then artistic Director of the Studio of O. P. Belousova, sat down at the polished acetate.
To draw movie I decided to pastel and to pastel rested on the smooth surface of the acetate, it first had to grind an emery paper. Three months later, the film was shot and narrated.
("ANATHEMA", 1min.36 sec., NPO "CENTER", Minsk, 1989) Premiered at the festival of KROK-1 in Kiev in the same year. Since this "ANATHEMA" was a fatal feature of my biography, and traces of it are lost, I will briefly describe the plot.
People prayed in the Church. The prayer was interrupted by a bandit whistling and the appearance in the doorway, a silhouette of the latter-day "Messiah" that had captivated the people of the Church in the bloody sky. Then "the Messiah" crowned cruciform structure they created.
The earth shook.
Falling down "the Messiah" again became a man with a triangular beard. (Character artist Kazimir Malevich).
Once inside the building and seeing icons instead of the red squares, tried the hack, but destroyed only in this "temple" real icon of the virgin and child...
The rack, the axe, and a black square.
The end of the movie.
Was 1989. I was not yet baptized, had a very superficial theological knowledge and incredible pride. After outright devilry started in me and around me, delusions of persecution, reckless self-torture and the complete collapse of my inner world, I was forcibly placed in a psychiatric clinic of a Novelty in the city of Minsk. At that time, treatment methods, education of doctors, the quality of medicines and levels of patients were very advanced (even worse now), and I had not yet realized the full horror of his position, and measure the suffering of friends and relatives and also people by chance to be near me...
After leaving the hospital I continued to write, to draw, to work and even to learn. (Courses artists-animators at the Studio "KIEVNAUCHFILM". Hood. Hands. Eugene Sivokon).
Took creative set in the Studio of F. S. Khitruk at the advanced Directing Courses in Moscow, but for health reasons was forced to return to the city of Mozyr, the mother. (1993).
All I have gained by the time lost.
The second group of disability together with a diagnosis of PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA was received in 1994. The group was renewed by the Commission each year.
I was assessed the minimum pension. I continued to write and draw even in the walls of the hospital.
From 1995 to 2000, in "the BELARUSIAN NEWSPAPER" and "BELORUSSKAYA DELOVAYA GAZETA" published a series of my graphic works.
Along the way I wrote songs and became the winner of the Mozyr festival of author's song "RING the GUITAR!" (Second prize in 1997, the Prize Zritelskih award in 1998 and 1999, the Grand Prix in 2006)
All these years I tried to deal with depression, and periods of activity that is constantly reflected in my singing and artistic creativity. Work that was created by "BEYOND REASON", I try to hide away, and works created "ON the VERGE", I want to warn convincingly and largely to protect viewers and listeners from such conditions.
I believe in God. And, to be honest, human, human strength, I highly doubt it. And it's probably not to hide from the eyes of the viewer and listener.
From 1997 to 2004, I created a series of prints (ink, pen, paper, pencil, typewriter) later took shape in the handwritten book "LINE of SMOKE" (2007)
2004 - Grand Prix of Republican creative competition White in the nomination "PROSE of SMALL FORMS".
2005 - laureate of the International Festival of Art and Sport of invalids of Russia and Belarus "TEMP".
2007 - first solo exhibition of paintings and drawings -
"The PHOENIX of the BELARUSIAN UNDERGROUND", book "LINE of SMOKE", as well as the presentation of the first author's CD "KOVALCHUK of the SUN". ( Minsk, library F. Bogushevich, curator of the L. V. Herd).
2008 nominated International award "PHILANTHROPIST", the second prize in the competition "SLAVIC BAZAAR", Vitebsk, nominated POETRY.
"Kovalchuk Of The Sun" (2007)
"Lifestyle" (2008)
"Open space" (2008)
"What are you hiding" (2009)
"Miracle" (2009)
"Untitled" (2010)
2011 - residents of Minsk Psychoneurological Boarding school №2 for the elderly and disabled.
"TWO RIVERS" ( Minsk, Library. A. S. Pushkin, winter 2012 )
"WING of HOPE" ( Minsk, national Library of Belarus. Curator Fedor Yastreb, spring 2012)
Guest of the festival "OUTSIDERBURG" ( Saint - Petersburg, curator Olga Fominykh, fall 2012)
"The WORLD outside" ( Minsk, national Library of Belarus, curator of the Theodore Hawk, winter 2013).
"When I work on their pieces, I forget about the diagnosis, problems and the World itself. My life makes sense only when I have to touch paper or canvas.
And for me personally, happiness is even and calm state when you and your work become and fit harmoniously into the surrounding World."
V. A. Lyapin
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