Ukraine • Simferopol • born in 1966 • artist, collector, art connoisseur
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Shields Albert Medvedev.
Born in 1966 in the city of Petropavlovsk, Northern Kazakhstan. Lives in Simferopol, Novorossiysk. Russia.
Education in MGHI them. Surikova.
Member Of The Union Of Artists Of Russia.
Member of the international Association of fine arts IAPA UNESCO.
Painted portraits, landscapes, still lifes, particularly focuses on working with nature.
A regular participant in plein-airs, exhibitions NSHU, teams of thematic exhibitions in private galleries, both in Russia and abroad.
Early works tend to realism, the last time in the artist's work stood out the trends of impressionism and expressionism.
For works Alberta Probably the characteristic brightness of the palette, sketchy freshness, lightness and ease of the stroke, coupled with the professional approach to composition and color.

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