Infinity Node

Unknown artist • Design and applied art, 2023
About the artwork
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Date of creation: 2023
Owner: Polyakova

Description of the artwork «Infinity Node»

The ornament, which has no beginning and no end, symbolizes continuity
of the existence of the world around us. The intertwining of the lines indicates that all
natural phenomena are bound together in a single closed cause-and-effect cycle.
The node of infinity should be taken as a figurative form of the absolute
the harmony and simplicity of being.
In traditional Buddhism, ornament symbolizes inexhaustible wisdom and
buddha's compassion - states of spiritual perfection.
It is included in Ashtamangala, a set of 8 auspicious symbols depicted by the
on ritual objects. Each of these signs represents an aspect of the
Of the Noble Eightfold Path that leads one to liberation from suffering
and the need for rebirth. The endless knot means right effort,
expressed in the desire to maximize the concentration of internal energy and
peace of mind.