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born in 1953 •
artist, collector
Biography and information
I and Irina K. (do not want to call themselves) co-authors since 1990, born and raised, live and work in Moscow. he graduated from "Stroganovka", I — restoration, Ira — interior, together joined the Union of artists (TSHR), the mosaics in the "Armory chamber" of the Moscow Kremlin, in the Museum of the "Gems" in the Vatican, in private collections of Lithuania, Russia, and the fate of many mosaics I don’t know where they live now can not say (even no pictures) "monumental" mosaic in the monastery (Sergiev Posad) and St. Seraphim — Diveevo monastery. exhibitions: 1987. -17 th youth. Moscow (in co-authorship with Gennady by Provatorova) 1991.-gallery "Universum", Central house of writers, Moscow 1992- Spring at Malaya Gruzinskaya, Moscow 1992-"Temples of Russia" in the House of Friendship of Peoples, Moscow, 1995. exhibition at the Museum of applied art, Moscow 1996. exhibition in the Central house of arts, Moscow 1998. in the Museum of. Vernadsky RAS, Moscow, 2003. Museum. Vernadsky 2006.- Museum. Vernadsky 2007.- Golden globe Crocus Expo, Moscow, 2008.- "Golden globe" 1st place 2008- "Traditions and contemporaneity" Manezh, Moscow, 2009.-"Golden globe" 2nd place 2010.-"Golden Globe"
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About me
художник мозаики( флорентийская и римская) все работы соавторские с Ириной К.(не хочет себя называть) С 1990 в союзе художников, ныне ТСХР, "строгановцы"
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Aleksey Zagorsky. Savior
Aleksey Zagorsky
2019-2019, 55×44 cm
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Zinaida Serebryakova. Self-portrait
Zinaida Serebryakova
1921-1921, 44×29 cm
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Aleksey Zagorsky. "Doves Of Pliny", "The Trinity"
"Doves Of Pliny", "The Trinity"
XX century, 53 cm
Aleksey Zagorsky. "Irises Breakthrough"
"Irises Breakthrough"
XX century, 41×51 cm
Aleksey Zagorsky. "Our Lady Of Tenderness"
"Our Lady Of Tenderness"
XX century, 41×51 cm
Aleksey Zagorsky. "Christ Pantocrator"
"Christ Pantocrator"
XX century, 44×55 cm
Aleksey Zagorsky. "Our Lady Of Vladimir"
"Our Lady Of Vladimir"
XX century, 65×89 cm
Aleksey Zagorsky. "Nicholas The Wonderworker"
"Nicholas The Wonderworker"
XX century, 47×80 cm
Aleksey Zagorsky. "Nicholas The Wonderworker"
"Nicholas The Wonderworker"
XX century, 61×98 cm
Aleksey Zagorsky. "Vernicle with the Angels," fragment
"Vernicle with the Angels," fragment
XX century, 120×140 cm
Aleksey Zagorsky. Trinity gate mosaic of the Trinity Sergius Lavra
Trinity gate mosaic of the Trinity Sergius Lavra
XXI century, 140×247 cm
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