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Michael Mine
born in 1960 artist
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Biography and information
unik Michael was born in 1960. in the city of Vladimir. Studied at children’s art school, learned the art in the Studio of young artists under guidance of a famous Vladimir graphics Boris Frantsuzova. He graduated from art-graphic faculty of the Vladimir pedagogical Institute. A member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia and International art Fund, successfully exhibited at numerous exhibitions in Russia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.
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About me
Окончил Художественно-графический факультет Владимирского пединститута. Член Творческого союза художников и Международного художественного фонда, с успехом выст
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Elena Petrova

Michael Mine
added an artwork Study 199 to his/her artworks
Michael Mine. Study 199
Study 199
Michael Mine
2018, 50×40 cm
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Michael Mine
added an artwork Birch trees to his/her artworks
Michael Mine. Birch trees
Birch trees
Michael Mine
2018, 65×45 cm
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Artworks by the artist
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Michael Mine. Peter
October 2015, 65×75 cm
Michael Mine. Chickens No. 20
Chickens No. 20
30.09.2015, 50×60 cm
Michael Mine. Country still life
Country still life
25.09.2015, 50×50 cm
Michael Mine. Rain
14.10.2015, 55×61 cm
Michael Mine. HOMELESS
23.10.2015, 90×120 cm
Michael Mine. Study with pigeons
Study with pigeons
30.10.2015, 60×60 cm
Michael Mine. Chickens No. 8
Chickens No. 8
01.08.2015, 50×50 cm
Michael Mine. The computer
The computer
03.11.2015, 100×80 cm
Michael Mine. Etude 148
Etude 148
06.11.2015, 50×50 cm
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