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Viktorovich Yurov

born in 1974
Victor Yurov is a member of the Union of Artists of Moscow and the International Federation of Artists.

Victor believes that the artist should be able to write in different styles, so many works: surrealism, landscapes, still lifes, seascapes, Nudes, portraits.

Surrealism proclaimed the source of art, the sphere of the subconscious, and the creative method – subjective Association. Owing to this definition of surrealism, we will not be able to access the full depth of the work, but note the dynamic style of Victor Yurov.
Born into a military family in Baku, where he graduated from art school. Having moved to Moscow, studied with local masters. Long studied the works of the famous marine painter I. K. Aivazovsky, which could not affect the quality and the style of writing Marin Yurov Viktor.
Artist Vladimir Yurov believes that the artist say his paintings...
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