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Mikhailovich Erdeli
born in 1891
Biography and information
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdelyi (Beila Gryts, May 25, 1891, p. Zagattya, Austria-Hungary (now Transcarpathia) — September 19, 1955, Uzhgorod) — Ukrainian artist, one of the founders of the Transcarpathian school of painting, an outstanding teacher.

He devoted many years to his own education in European art centers: he studied at the Hungarian Royal Art Institute (1911−1916), improved his skills in Munich (1922−1926) and spent two years on probation in Paris (1929−1931).

In 1927, together with Joseph Bokshay, he opened the Public School of Painting in Uzhgorod (later — the Uzhgorod School of Applied Art). He took an active part in the artistic life of Uzhgorod. He founded the Union of Artists of Subcarpathian Rus and was the first chairman of the Union of Artists of Transcarpathia.
The national school of painting, founded by Adalbert Erdelyi and Iosif Bakshay, is based on the ethnic, folk art of Transcarpathia. At the same time, the main principles of the school were art education, obligatory practice of the open-airs and openness to world art. The works of teachers and students of the Transcarpathian school are inherent in an emotional, sensual attitude to the world around us, heightened expression of color, optimism and cheerfulness. The style and manner of the masters of the school is most fully revealed in the landscape.

Features of the artist Adalbert Erdelyi:
The combination of avant-garde European artistic trends of the early 20th century with an ethno-national basis. In his work, Erdeli turned to expressionism, fauvism, post-impressionism,symbolism — styles and trends with which he met in Munich and Paris. Depending on the creative intent, the artist chose the dominant style for each work. He considered himself an expressionist and a follower of Cezanne. Erdely was a master of landscapes, portraits and still lifes. His works are characterized by expressive energetic painting, dynamic lines, the choice of bright colors and their harmonious combination, the creation of form using color planes and the simplification of details. The master’s favorite technique that characterizes his signature style is to portray specular reflections. In his landscapes, trees and the sky with clouds are reflected in the watery smoothness of rivers, in still lifes glasses and vases with water are "read" in the polished surfaces of the tables. The works of the master of work breathe peace and tranquility.

Famous paintings by Adalbert Erdelyi:
"Self-portrait", "Nude", "Group portrait of Transcarpathian artists", "Shelestovo River", "Still life with a red cup and bells", "Portrait of A.S.".

Adalbert Erdelyi studied and worked in the art centers of Europe, perfectly mastered five foreign languages, founded a painting school in his native Transcarpathia and educated a galaxy of extraordinary masters, turning Uzhgorod into a city of artists. And even having fallen in love, he could leave without remorse the conscience of the most beautiful girl to return to work.

"… The artist lived in a time when Transcarpathia was alternately part of four states: Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the USSR. And only with the latter, the Soviet government, the artist could not fully realize his creative plans. In the press it accused of formalism — a monstrous crime in the Soviet Union, — branded with cosmopolitan, and in 1947 dismissed from the post of director of the school and chairman of the Union of Artists of Transcarpathia, which he himself founded … "Seven facts about an outstanding artist — in a special publication Arthive.
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Artworks by the artist
44 artworks total
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdeli. River Uzh
River Uzh
1930, 95×120 cm
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdeli. Still life with bluebells
Still life with bluebells
XX century, 56×49 cm
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdeli. The quiet river. Shelestove
The quiet river. Shelestove
1947, 100×90 cm
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdeli. The house of culture and print
The house of culture and print
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdeli. Still life
Still life
1952, 77×85 cm
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdeli. Over the Uzh (By the Lake)
Over the Uzh (By the Lake)
1930-th , 67×54 cm
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdeli. River landscape
River landscape
1930-th , 65×72 cm
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdeli. Landscape with a church
Landscape with a church
1930-th , 69×64 cm
Adalbert Mikhailovich Erdeli. Above the water
Above the water
1930-th , 74×95 cm
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