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Sergey Filippenko • Design and applied art, January 2009, 90×30 cm
About the artwork
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Style of art: Symbolism
Materials: Copper
Date of creation: January 2009
Size: 90×30 cm
Region: Ukraine
Artwork in selections: 1 selection

Description of the artwork «Amazon»

”Tu - Dominus mundi Amazonum in vobis gloria eius tamquam ”;whether women warriors, the Amazons Antiope and Hippolyte belong to an extinct matriarchal society? Or they simply fictional characters depicted in Ancient Greek myths?
Stories of beautiful and bloodthirsty female warriors, rushing like lightning on arid battlefields told and retold for over thousands of years by many global cultures. Greek myths are full of stories about the Amazons and their exploits, love Affairs and battles with Olympian gods – Zeus, Ares and Hera. The Amazon warriors were killed on the battlefields of the Trojan war. Homer and Hippocrates described these brutal militant women, as well as the Greek historian Herodotus. Mercenaries from the West African Kingdom of Dahomey was a Legion of so-called of the Amazons, who were able to conquer the city for the king Agadja (Agadja) for 1600 years. As legend has it, the South American Amazon river was named by the Spanish Explorer Francisco de Orellana in honor of a tribe of women warriors whom he met on its banks
According to Greek mythology, the Amazons were descendants of God of war Ares and sea-nymphs of Harmony. They worshipped Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, and the area where Amazons lived, remained always a controversial issue. Herodotus believed that these women warriors lived in the broad steppes of southern Russia. According to other legends, the Amazons lived in Thrace or along the ridge of the lesser Caucasus in the North Caucasian Albania. River Thermodon, located in Asia Minor, today the black sea coast of Turkey, can be called the most frequently mentioned habitat of the Amazons