Anatolevich Studentzov

born in 1960 • artist, collector
Painter, teacher, member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1998.

Born August 10, 1960 in Veliky Ustyug. Constantly lives and works in Veliky Ustyug since 1986.

The work of Boris Studentsov is well known to Vologda viewers from regional and interregional exhibitions of the past two decades. The first personal exposition of the works of Studentsov in Vologda, in the Shalamovsky House of the regional art gallery, was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of his birth. It presented the best paintings of the painter, created by him from 2000 to 2010. Boris Anatolyevich is well known to his countrymen as a person endowed with outstanding artistic and pedagogical talent, successfully combining teaching in a children's art school and the creative process. He is an active participant in the city and regional exhibitions and open-airs, the head of the association of the Great-Ustich artists "Gleden".

Students work in different genres of painting: landscape, still life, thematic picture, portrait. The leading direction in his work is the landscape. Not surprisingly, most of the artist’s paintings are dedicated to his native city and its environs. Great Ustyug has long been called the pearl of the Russian North. The magnificent architectural ensembles of the city, harmoniously inscribed in its natural environment, especially the embankment with the majestic river and high sky, are the favorite themes of the creative work of Studentsov. The expressiveness of his plein-air lyric landscapes is given by an energetic manner of writing, attention to various lighting effects, skillfully found angle turns in the composition of works emphasizing the plasticity of architectural forms. In his most completed works, such as Sukhona (2001), Clouds over Ustyug (2003), Vecherny Ustyug (2005), Evening on Sukhona (2005), August in Turovtsa (2008) “Autumn at Bobrovnikovo on the Malaya Severnaya Dvina” (2009), there is a panoramic vision, a desire for generalization, which brings them closer to landscapes-paintings. The bright memorable image of the beautiful ancient northern city was created in his best paintings “Over Sukhona” (2001), “Sunset Rays” (2006).

Expanding the scope of the landscape genre, seeking to show the modern life of Ustyuzhan, the artist turns to the theme of city festivals. According to the artist, folk festivals with their easy fun and colorful outfits of the townspeople always attracted his attention. In the compositions on this theme “Holiday in Ustyug” (2000), “Walking in Veliky Ustyug” (2008), a decorative beginning characteristic of his work appeared. A different mood in his thematic painting “The Procession of the Cross” (2005), in which the artist conveyed a calmly focused state of alien bustle, focused on the prayer of believers, their spiritual unity. The reason for creating this important work in the works of Studentsov was the annual religious procession that takes place on August 10 in the name of the appearance of the icon of Our Lady Odigitria Smolensk in Turovets, a favorite place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Ustyuzhan.

Famous Orthodox shrines of the Russian North - Ferapontov and Spaso-Prilutsky monasteries - a series of paintings by the artist, the most significant of which are “Ferapontovo. Memory of the Ages "(2005) and" Priluki. Silent abode "(2005). The lyrical element inherent in the work of Studenttsov is distinguished by the few portraits he created (Sounds of Music, 2000). The fragile short-lived beauty of ordinary field and garden plants of northern latitudes is the main motif of Studenttsov's still lifes, in which he not only solves pictorial tasks, but also conveys his mood, for example, “Holiday Peonies” (2007), “Celebratory Peonies” (2008). The exhibition in 2010 gives an idea of the creative maturity and considerable potential of Boris Studentsov, who is striving in painting to convey the most significant phenomena of nature and life in the Russian North.
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