Ivanovich Kravtsov

Ukraine • 1937−2000

Biography and information

Kravtsov, Gennady Ivanovich.
Artist. poet .architect.
Member of the Union of Architects.
He received his primary education in the city of Ishimbay in the art Studio of artist
50s graduated from the Sverdlovsk Institute of architecture -architect.
60's the main artist of the Kemerovo publishing house.
60-70s many works in the technique of woodcuts.linocuts.etching.
in the ' 80s, performs a series of works in pastels .oil.
The memories-landscapes of Europe .Asia.Russia
with the 90s-2000 writes a lot of oil paintings-landscapes.still lifes portraits.
The work was exhibited in Moscow .Ufa.Sverdlovsk, Kemerovo .Vinnitsa.