Adrian van de

Netherlands • 1636−1672

Biography and information

Adriaen van de Velde (Adriaen van de Velde) (1636, Amsterdam — January 1672, ibid) — Dutch painter and engraver, refers to the famous Dutch family of artists van de Velde, is the son of Willem van de Velde the Elder and brother of Willem van de Velde the Younger.

The exact date of his birth is unknown, but kept the date of his baptism in the Church Oude Kerk — 30 Nov 1636 Adrian studied painting with his father. His patronage Adrian moved to Harlem and studied with Jan Wynants and Paulus Potter. In addition to becoming an artist was influenced by Philips Wouwerman.

Returning to his hometown, Adrian worked for a time in the workshop of Karel Dujardin, and then became a freelance artist. At 21 he married Mary the Oude Kerk. Adriaen van de Velde worked together with other artists-landscape painters, for example, wrote of animals and people in the paintings Yang Painting, by Jan van der Heyden, Jan Wynant, Jacob rasdale and Meindert Hobbema.

Adriaen van de Velde died at the age of 35 years old in 1672, His burial took place on 21 January at the cemetery of the Church Nieuwe-Kerk in Amsterdam.

In his early works of Adrian van de Velde is still under the influence of the Haarlem school of painting and its leaders — Paulus Potter, and Nicholas Berchem. Despite the short career Adrian has managed to create their own unique style. There are about 400 paintings of the artist. The landscapes of Adriaen van de Velde differ the careful execution of details, harmony of the composition and contrasting colours. Adriaen van de Velde wrote, sometimes pictures with a religious content.