Sergeevich BarkovPRO

Russia • born in 1966 • artist, collector, art connoisseur
A professional artist who has never exhibited on his own initiative.
Russian artist Vladimir Barkov was born in 1966. He preferred private education to public education. Member of the International Art Fund since 1992. Works in various genres and techniques. Basically, he paints in the style of philosophical surrealism, but is not alien to impressionism and graphic expression. Vladimir Sergeevich's paintings are in several dozen countries of the world. He calls his works illustrations for life. The artist is known for his irreconcilable attitude towards frivolity and irresponsibility in relation to art. One of Vladimir Barkov's paintings "The Joker" adorns the cover of the music CD of Chris Caffrey, guitarist and songwriter of American rock bands "Savatage" and "Trans-Siberian Orchestra". Many works have found their place in exhibitions and collections of the largest museums of modern art in France, London, New York, Tokyo.

Hates - the conjuncture from commercial pop music.
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