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born in 1947 •
artist, collector

Biography and information

Moscow artist Alexey Gladkikh was born in Kursk region in 1947.Studied at art and technical College,and then worked as an artist for decorative painting.According to the artist,the classes in the workshops of famous Moscow artists:D. G. Sobolev(disciple of K. Korovin),a reputable connoisseur of classical painting and drawing E. I. Onufriev and theatrical designer E. V. Zotova(pupil of V. Kandinsky) was the main creative school.In 1979 the artist mainly academic orientation.But already at that time important becomes the possibility of expression of the inner state of the artist through modulation of the execution(realism,cubism,Fauvism and,more uncertainly,abstractionism). Since 1975, Alexei Gladkikh participated in exhibitions of the Moscow avant-garde :the little Georgia".From 1979 to 1985 he lived and worked in Mongolia.Creative scenic system is defined as "Metaphysical".This approach was explained by the aspiration of the artist to a unifying harmony "punditry"and "sensing",as his then opinion in the notion of Spirituality was dominated by this aspect.Since 1986, he headed the creative Association "Sintez", Moscow.Participated in the organization of unions of artists "Sokolniki"and "Queen of spades".Travelled on the Russian cities and villages,capturing images of Russian antiquity in his works,perfecting a series of beautiful "Russian landscape".Through the concept of the unity of intimacy and monumentality comes the possibility of organizing stereo infinity space.Even in small format works.In 1991-1992 he worked at creative contract in the United States.The artist developed associative-abstract system of painting.At the heart of the artist is repelled from the inner impulsive feelings that in the end leads him to disorganization stereotyped abstraction.Dynamic synchronicity is replaced by "if in the chaos of" orienteering colorful masses in the space of the canvas.In 1993-95, the years he painted under contract with art galleries in the city of Kislovodsk and Pyatigorsk in the North Caucasus.In 1996-1999 performs a series of beautiful works of compositional and philosophical orientation.Rather,it is a kind of "tribute" mission of the artist-interpreter of the world and exponent of the ideas of his time.In subsequent figurative more clearly the spiritual concept is reflected in black-and-white graphic sheets.Since 2000, the year lives and works in the suburban garden, wooded privacy. Define and develop the principles of abstract meditation of her artistic system.In depth works in black-and-white graphics of this direction.The artist strives to achieve the lightness and looseness comprising a plurality of internal vibrations of spirituality...the Artist believes that working with multiple pictorial and plastic systems necessary for expression in a more complete and modern,focusing on the spiritual and aesthetic content,particularly in podtekstom significance.The form of the letter (of the system)come primarily from the objectives of the content:purely beautiful,sensual, spiritual,philosophical,a kind of meditative...the Artist aspires not only interesting,varied expression,and, above all, to the modern complexity of the work and so necessary frankness.According to the artist,"a Little new can be valid if it is based on a deep enough knowledge of the old,primarily through the feeling.All his work comes first from the senses,passing then processes and philosophical,and formal edges.-the text is based on articles about the artist - Professor,doctor of arts I. E. Svetlov;Professor,doctor of arts, the album of creativity of A. I. Smooth for 2000-2010(edition 2012, Moscow, Russia young).Published:journalus gallery HH1 век_N1-2015
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