born in 1937
Ed Rushey (eng. Ed Ruscha; 16 Dec 1937, Omaha, USA) American artist and photographer, one of the most influential representatives pop art known for his work depicting individual words and phrases. Rushey was born in a Catholic family in Nebraska, his father was very religious, but the mother was interested in art and instilled this love to children. Artistic talent ed showed at an early age, after high school he enrolled at California Institute of the arts. After the release of Rushey worked in an advertising Agency, at the same time starting to develop their own artistic style based on pop culture and love of the artist to the city life. In 1963 he held his first solo exhibition. Since 1962 Rushey released dozens of small books, mostly with photos. In recent years, the artist continues to work, creating paintings with words and phrases.

Features artist ed Rushia: every word, every phrase that he uses in his works, Rushey turns into an art object using the selected font, colors and composition. Like other pop artists, he captures part of the daily reality, what we used to consider "background noise". But if other representatives of pop art are chosen as objects of visual symbols, Rushey he turns into such words.

Famous paintings ed Rushia: "Boss," "Annie (Poured from maple syrup)", "Gasoline", "Standard station", "Large trademark with eight spotlights".

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov
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