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Vasilyevna Butenko (Sky pearl)
born in 1977 •
artist, collector, art dealer
Biography and information
Autobiography of the artist

Natalia paints her pictures under a pseudonym — Sky pearl, because she does not consider her talent given to her by God from above.
Want to help an artist?
Sky pearl (Natalia Butenko), like any active artist, is in need of sponsorship for its development as an artist. She needs help in organizing exhibitions, creating her own workshop, paints, brushes and other tools and materials for her work. As Natalia says laughing: "Do not give me flowers! Give bouquets of brushes and paints!" Therefore, if you want to help her develop and support her work, then list your help on the map.

Privat Bank 5168 7573 1740 6256 — Natalia Butenko

If you are from another country and want to help, you can make a money transfer through Payoneer, MoneyGram, Western Union to the data Ukraine, Poltava, Natalia Butenko tel. +38 050−637−26−44 for financial assistance send the code by e-mail: edem. or Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger

Also, you can help the artist Sky pearl by buying her picture, telling your friends about her works — this will also be a very good help for the development of the artist. Thank you very much!

Contact details:, +38 050 637 26 44

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Stories about the artist and his/her artworks
Natalia Vasilyevna Butenko (Sky pearl). Motherland
Natalia Vasilyevna Butenko (Sky pearl)
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    Natalia Vasilyevna Butenko (Sky pearl). Dream
    Natalia Vasilyevna Butenko (Sky pearl). Idea
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