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Nikolaevna Silina
born in 1958 •
artist, collector
Biography and information

Born in 1958 .. Born in Karelia. I live in Petrozavodsk. Artist of wood painting, technician architect. I am writing a series of paintings ,, I BORN IN THE USSR ,, Figure in the technical school taught Karapetyan LK and Resurrection E, B ,. Oil painting learned from Polenkov D, C, and Topuria B, O,


1. Participated in the exhibition of naive art by artists of Karelia
,, Own world, in 2017.

2. December 2017, the International exhibition-festival Naiva, NEW DAY, in St. Petersburg, ul. Marat 64.Kartina ,, Alien ,. at the exhibition, ranked first.

3. February 2017 personal exhibition ,, MY PALETTE ,, in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Pushkinskaya 5.

4. Participation in the exhibition ,, Let us warmly warm the new year ,, Petrozavodsk, Pushkinskaya 5.

5., Participation in the exhibition ,, Artists of Karelia ,, in the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan December 2017.

6. Participation in the exhibition to the Day of the Epic of Kalevala in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

7. Participation in the international exhibition, New Day 2, in St. Petersburg in January 2018. Both the paintings from the exhibition were purchased by the Naiva Yekaterinburg Museum Directorate.

8. Parts in the exhibition, Inspiration by the North, Petrozavodsk, 2018. February

9.2018 May 2 personal exhibition, MY PALETRA-2, on Antikainen 1 in Petrozavodsk.

10. June 2018 3 personal exhibition, My palette-3, in the Center of National Cultures of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

11. From July 27 to September 30, a personal exhibition, MY PALETTE -4, in the National Library of RK.PUSHKINSKAYA 5.

12. From November 8 to December 8, a personal exhibition in St. Petersburg on Marat 64. ,, MY PALETTE -5 ,,

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