Edvardovich Vladislav Yerko (1962, Kyiv) — Ukrainian contemporary artist, famous Illustrator, winner of several awards prestigious book contests. Actively collaborates with publishing houses that produce books for adult and young audiences.

The characteristics of creativity: the work of this talented artist recognizable — they are inherent in your particular style that cannot be confused with others. For illustrations of authorship Vladislav Erko characteristic saturation of the details of the second plan — not less important than the main characters because it is through these details the artist gives the characters their own personality. Another feature illustrations of Vladislav — the careful rendering of even the smallest items, which makes them a scrutiny in a fascinating process.

Famous works: illustrations to the works of R. Bach, C. Castaneda, J. Rowling, L. Carroll, P. Coelho; books "Tales of Albion", "The snow Queen"and so on; playing cards "Paceline horugva" and "Taras Bulba".

The secret of popularity of illustrations by Vladislav Erko

The interest in drawing from Vladislav Erko appeared in early childhood. According to the master, his first book was not a collection of fairy tales, as is usually the case in children, and a solid publication, telling about the different artists. Not the last role in the choice of life was played by his mother's stories, admired paintings El Grecoand Rubens. Little Wladyslaw was never bored in his spare time, he enthusiastically drew or sculpted.

In 7 years because of the difficult situation in the family of the boy was sent to boarding school. Years of boarding life passed in the usual routine, but Vladislav Yerko had a dream that he would one day be an artist. In 1979, he managed to become a student of the trade school, where for 3 years at design school, he was, in his words, learned to write tags and to build pyramids of canned goods.

The next step in the formation of artistic skill became the Lvov polygraphic Institute — or rather, its branch in Kiev. Erko studied at the Department of "Art of book" from 1984 to 1990, combining classes with part-time job. For the first time Vladislav Yerko tried his hand as a graphic designer in 1986, joined to illustrate a book about the pioneers. The master, after several decades of comments about that experience with a touch of irony, realizing that no matter how lumpy nor was the first "pancake", but thanks to him, the artist was able to find my niche in art.

Next was work in poster publishing, the short experience of cooperation with the publishing house "Sofia", "Youth", "Nika-Tsentr". Illustrations by Vladislav Erko for P. Coelho, C. Castaneda, and R. Bach created during his work in "Nika-center", made him famous: Coelho called Vladislav the best of all artists who illustrated his books.

The illustrations, which feature "The snow Queen"and "Tales of Albion", also there is a curious story told by the artist Vladislav Erko in an interview. They were not created under the order, but only on their own masters. For several years, different publishers have refused to take them, arguing that they are too complex for the child's perception, and advised the author to simplify his style.

Everything changed with the arrival of Erko in publishing house "A-BA-BA-ha-La-mA-ha", which published the book with the fairy tale of Andersen "the snow Queen", illustrated by its works of Vladislav. The success was overwhelming: the book repeatedly republished in English, she received several prizes and awards, and original illustration to it was estimated at 28 000 dollars.

Today the artist Vladislav Erko continues to create his amazing and magical illustrations, delighting fans with new works.
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