United Kingdom • born in 1935

Biography and information

Paula rego Born in Lisbon in 1935. Her parents were Anglophiles - Paula spoke English from infancy, and at 17 she entered the Slade Art School in London.

Throughout her life, Paula Rego has been a passionate fan of the Benfica football club (by the way, the artist's grandfather was one of its founders). As for creativity, here Paula is not so constant: in different periods, her manner changed noticeably. When Rego met the members of the London School, she allowed herself a few hooligan collages. Later, already being an art resident of the National Gallery and the Lady Commander of the British Empire, she quoted Crivelli and Velazquez.

One thing remained unchanged: the ability of Paula to tell her fairy tales is almost always scary and with a difficult but explainable, albeit distinct feminist shade.
If a Bacon and Freud were "artists of the episode," Rego always remained the "artist of narrative": it was more interesting to tell the story than to capture the moment or convey a feeling.

From the publication "London School, author - Andrey Zimoglyadov