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Switzerland • 1899−1934
François-Emile Barrault (FR. François-Emile Barraud; 24 Nov 1899, of La Chaux-de-Fonds — 11 September 1934 Geneva) is a Swiss artist who worked under the artistic directionnew objectivityor a new materiality (it. Neue Sachlichkeit). This current appeared in Germany of the 1920-ies as the juxtaposition of expressionism and late romanticism and embraced not only painting, but literature, architecture, photography, cinema, music. The artists sought to perceive and to show his works in the people and objects as they are, without speculation and filters. François-Emile Barrot lived only 34 years, died of tuberculosis.

Features of the artist françois-Emile Barrault: preferred to write still-lifes, portraits and Nudes. Despite the fact that art education has received in Paris of the 1920-ies, it wasn't affected by the actual while in the French capital of cubism and other modernist movements. His teachers were old Dutch and Flemish masters, which he saw at the Louvre: their Outlook on life and painting style is largely influenced by the style of Barro.

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