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Georgia • born in 1963 • artist, collector
Andro Khani was born in 1963 in the family of famous artist Kan Shan Lun - the citizen of China who immigrated to Georgia in 1955 and whose paintings are well known among the professionals and amateurs of fine arts.
From his early childhood Andro Khani was being accustomed by his father to painting. At the age of 14 he started visiting Givi Cheradze Art Studio and remained there up to his entrance in the Georgian Academy of Arts on the faculty of Industrial Design.
After graduating from school in 1980 Andro Khani started working at the Tbilisi Art Fund as a painter.
On graduating from the Georgian Academy of Arts he worked extensively in the field of painting.
In 1992 the painter's father died and he moved with his family for permanent living to Moscow.
In Moscow Andro Khani worked at various companies as an art-decorator and creative director. During these years he dreamt of dedicating himself to painting and in 2003 he was finally given this opportunity.
In 2003-2005 years he created a large number of paintings painted with different techniques of monumental art.
In 2003 Andro Khani became a member of the International Arts Fund. In 2004 he arranged a personal exhibition in the Art Fund of Moscow for his father's and his own art works that became highly appreciated by professionals. After this he frequently exhibited his works in The Centre of Painters of Moscow.
Since 2009 he has been a member of Association of Artists in Russia.
All this time, he was drawn to his homeland and in 2013 he is finally back to Georgia where he faces very big changes of the cultural and social life. So he decided to freely present his father's works that at this moment are being kept in Georgian National Museum of Music, Choreography and Cinema.
In 2016 Andro Khani finally moves to Georgia and dedicates himself to painting.
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