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Georgievich Zamoydo

born in 1966 • artist, collector
In childhood and adolescence, drew, wrote poems and little stories, created various constructions of matches, took pictures and made home movies. In some of these Hobbies had some success, but where this has not happened, able to inspire and help others to become masters. Many of my young students-friends-sponsors significantly surpassed the achievements of his teacher.
Graduated from the 8 classes of school № 82 (1973-1980), the 3rd grade children's Art school. Repin (1978-1980), and then with honors from Kharkov state art school (1980-1985). Then gradually came to the conclusion that continuous self-education is the best way of self-improvement and development.
1985-1987-served in the Soviet Army (Moscow). Night designed the "Lenin's room" for the day sometimes had the opportunity to visit the capital's many art exhibitions, theatres, informal enterprises. Had a modest relationship to the first steps in the creation of a Museum of V. S. Vysotsky in Moscow.
1988-1991 – graphic designer; HTZ, Kharkov. Created a series of paintings and graphic works. Participated in several art and folk exhibitions (Kharkiv art Museum, House of artists, exhibitions of creative Union "Revival" in the lobby "Rosvneshtorg", Moscow...).
1991-1996 – the correspondent of the newspaper "Impulse" HVO "Radiorele". During the work was a substitute editor, and speaker and editor of the factory radio. In parallel, created art exhibition "Golden collection of Churches", which became an integral part of the exhibition series "Connection of times".
1996-1997 – head of club "Young designer" Station of young technicians of the Kominternovsky area. Kharkov.
1997-2010 – Manager, Director, commercial Director, IS "Faeton", "stark", JSC "Geyser", "Alus", PE "SAI", "Horizon". Participated in the design of stands and exhibition venues of the international exhibitions "Primus Ukraine" in Kiev, "EXPOBUILDING" – in Yalta, Simferopol, Nikolaev, "Our house Odessa" – Odessa, exhibitions in Kirovograd, Svetlovodsk, etc.
2005-2007 participation in the development and implementation of the grant of the President of Ukraine for gifted youth projects:
"The new system of education. The creation of an Internet site dedicated to the development of human and creative capacities of children, adolescents and young people" and
Publication "children's homes, orphanages, children's libraries, libraries of educational institutions of Ukraine of the book "the Link of times~link. Tales of the New Millennium".

In 2007 he took part in the preparation (as the regional expert) and the II International humanitarian forum "REBIRTH, renewal AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT", where he held a master class for leading teachers of Ukraine, Russia, EU countries that participated in the Forums. Also was invited and participated in the First annual International educational forum "ARTEK DIALOGUES". ICF "Ukraine 3000", ICC "ARTEK", 17 – 22.09. 2008 and EdCamp Ukraine 2015 – first national (non)conference for school teachers. Kharkov on 23-24 June 2015.

Since 1994, together with several colleagues on gromadskikh ambush in the framework created by us non-creative organization "Children's Joint-stock companies of the open type" classes with children and teenagers, develop and embody a New system of education, books, teaching AIDS, take part in city, regional, national, international exhibitions, forums, festivals. As the founder and coordinator for all activities provide:
- development and embodiment of the principles of the New system of education;
- educational work with children, adolescents, heads of educational directions;
strategy for organization of exhibitions, festivals;
- financial support of events held by Children's Joint-stock Enterprises Association;
- organization of material support and conducting lessons and holidays in orphanages of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region;
- publicizing the activities of the creative unions in the media...
- conducting classes in painting and drawing directly conducted classes in the areas of "Architecture of matches", "Kinomania", "Computerland"...

Developed the concept and provided the conditions for the creation of the site-encyclopedia "New education system", which lasts almost 10 years. The creation of a Ukrainian-language version of this site, aimed at the development of human and creative capacities of children, adolescents and youth, was supported by a grant of the President of Ukraine for gifted youth for the 2005-2006 year.

In 1996 he founded the literary series "Connection of times. Tales of the new Millennium". Acted not only as the author, co-author and literary editor (for adult sponsors), and also as proofreader, artist, coder. As a co-author of the project participated in the publication of the book "the Link of times. Tales of the new Millennium. Favorites. The book is 17" and its distribution among the orphanages, shelters and educational institutions" (grant of the President of Ukraine for gifted youth in 2006).

Brought up on the best achievements of domestic and world cinema (Tarkovsky, Norstein, Fellini, Chaplin...), helped get a taste of this movie to her young friends. We created the films were shown at the various cinemas of Kiev, Kharkiv, Transcarpathia, Lviv, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Los Angeles, new York... From children to the elderly and home hits to International film festivals. In creating these films (and more than 30 feature, documentary, artistic and documentary-animated films) was the artistic Director, producer, Director, cameraman, actor...

The most interesting of his own creative achievement in the visual arts consider the creation of matches of original works of authorship, models of monuments, in fact collection, which in quality does not have analogues in Ukraine, and possibly in the world.
- a series of encyclopedias, books, kits for creative work, popular science and web editions (total circulation of copies sold – about a million),
documentary and feature films.
Participant (and winner) exhibitions, forums, festivals, conferences (including international).
In 2003 for personal contribution to development of culture of Ukraine was awarded a Diploma of honorary member of MBF "Spiritual heritage", and in 2008 was nominated for the National prize of Ukraine named after T. G. Shevchenko in 2009 and so on.
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