Alekseevna Shiryaeva

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Young independent artist. She graduated in 2013 from the Moscow Art School of Applied Art (College of Design and Decorative Art MGHPA them S. G. Stroganov). I conduct free professional art activity, and also searches of myself since 2014 and to this day. Have experience to order, ready to listen to your suggestions.
I am engaged in easel painting and graphics, lacquer miniature painting in Fedoskino technique and the creation of designer jewelry with miniature paintings. I believe that the painting should be different, but the main thing - alive and real (that is, with the maximum impact from the author). In painting I work more often with kind, I like plein airs in solitude and inaccessibility.

Pictures of the artist - this is his body and spirit. They reflect the identity of the creator, his interests, his vision, his taste. Any other details of the artist’s biography are of little significance.
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