Giovanni Antonio

Italia • 1467−1516

Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (ital. Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio; 1466 or 1467, Milano — 1516, ibid) — Italian painter of the High Renaissance.

The artist came from an aristocratic family. Reared in the traditions Poppy, Bernardo and Ambrogio Zenale Bergognone, he was trained in the workshop of Leonardo. His first work "the Resurrection of Christ, St. Leonard and St. Lucia" is made in 1491, together with Marco d Oggiono to Milan's Church of San Giovanni Sul Muro. Was court artist to Lodovico Moro and was famous for his psychological portraits.

Boltraffio, died at the age of 49 and was buried in the cemetery of the Church of SV.In Paula Comito.

Some critics suggest that the figure of the baby in the painting of Leonardo da Vinci "Madonna Litta" written may, Boltraffio.

Italian artist Boltraffio is the most famous of the disciples of Leonardo da Vinci. His name is mentioned in connection with the attribution of controversial works of Leonardo <Мадонна Литта> (Saint Petersburg, GOS. The Hermitage) and <Портрет Изабеллы д'>'este (Paris, Louvre) as a possible author or assistant of Leonardo. The identity of the artist is difficult to determine because there are only three altarpieces belonging to his brush: <Алтарь Казио> (1500, Paris, the Louvre, before Bologna, the Church of the Misericordia); the altar from the Museum of the Water in Berlin (1502, first - Milan, Church of San Satiro); <Алтарь Бассано да Понте> (1508,

Budapest, Museum of fine arts, first in Lodi, the Cathedral). In

these compositions, along with the predominant influence of Leonardo, is visible influence of the initiator, Bramantino, and especially Perugino. These characteristics allow us to attribute the artist and many portraits. No doubt his authorship

paintings <Мадонна с гвоздикой> (Milan, Museo Poldi Pezzoli), which is surely the most talented interpretation levandovskaia.

Boltraffio, died at the age of 49 and was buried in the cemetery of the Church of SV.In Paula Comito.

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