Davidovna Hantadze-Andronikashvili

Georgia • born in 1937

Biography and information

Rusudan hantadze-Andronikashvili was born in Tbilisi. Graduated from the philological faculty of Tbilisi University. A member of the Union of artists of the USSR, Georgia and Russia. Art historian, philologist. More than 20 years headed the Department of culture at the Embassy of Georgia in Russia. Author of books, articles, essays and monographs on the art and about the work of Georgian artists. The name Rusudan is included in the world encyclopedia of artists (Germany, 1998).

Works of the artist are in the State Museum of arts of peoples of the East (Moscow), the Museum of modern art (Moscow), Museum of Nodar Dumbadze (Tbilisi, Georgia), the Patriarchate of Georgia, at the National Museum of women in the arts (Washington, USA), White House (Washington, USA), the Embassy of Georgia in the USA, mission of Georgia to the UN (new York, USA), in the collection of Arnold Saltzman, in the personal collection of George W. Bush, in private collections in Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Spain, Italy, China, Korea, Mexico, France, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Japan.
To draw and suddenly, in adulthood. First picked up a brush, on the threshold of its 50th anniversary. Waking up in Rusudan once - a passion for painting took her forever.
Rusudan says only that it excites and delights. Born of a rich imagination of the artist, her childlike works reflect the movements of the soul, of imagination, like a fairy tale. She has created several series of – "Old town", "Animals and birds", "Trees and landscapes", "Church", "migration", "Portraits and masks".
A lot of paintings dedicated to the artist's native Tbilisi. She managed to take a new look at your city, send his soul. Each house for the artist – a living creature. The cycle of architectural landscapes of old Tbilisi, a maze of balconies, verandas, roofs resemble colorful decorative rugs, tapestries. Many art lovers feel the special flavor of these works. One of the publications about the creative work Rusudan Andronikashvili was entitled: "From the rooftops Rusudan went the roof, all known collectors."
Frequently, the subject of the image are trees, a symbol of creation, of life. And sometimes becomes bizarre fusion: in the urban landscape as if wedged trees in bright sunlight, creating a special emotional atmosphere.
It draws attention to the variety of means used by the author. Along with traditional techniques – tempera, acrylic, oil, Rusudan Andronikashvili can work and quite unexpected way.

The artist is very sensitive to the hypocrisy, insincerity, she says only that creates a good mood and evokes positive emotions. "Problems of life abound. I don't want to force people to negative thoughts, feelings... we Need to enjoy life!", she said. The work of the artist, indeed, generously give the audience a sense of beauty, peace and feeling of joy of life.
The beauty and sincerity of the work, spontaneity – the distinctive features of the artist's work. Like music, it spontaneously-associative creativity expresses emotions, moods, konkretisierung and fix the song title. The images transmitted by the artist, reverent and sincere, a bit naive, but never left indifferent spectators and admirers of her talent.

"Transformed images of reality - not only the characters, reflections of what exists in the inner world, the soul, is not drawn up in material form. This way is followed by the symbolists, and therefore, not coincidentally, some of the paintings of Rusudan remind Corleones, Bocklin, but at the same time and expressionists.... The same way of trying to keep many of our contemporaries, but not all have the strength, confidence and energy that is inherent in Rusudan".

Svetlana Khromchenko
Art, State Museum of art of peoples of East, Moscow