Viktorovna Zakharova

Russia • Moscow • born in 1985 • artist
Anna Zakharova — Russian artist,born in 1985 in Moscow, graduated from Moscow aviation Institute.

The author's name of work — caracarai, executed in watercolor on paper.

First cycle (2012-2013), refers to the contour surrealism.
It is followed by a second cycle (2014 — end 2015) — color volumetric abstraction.

The current cycle, which began in December 2015 and represents suranaree reflecting the imagination of other realities existing in parallel with ours.

Creative credo: to BE, to THINK, to create, to GROW.

Solo exhibition:
2016 — "Plastic fairy tale of the XXI century" cultural center Punktum, Moscow

Article: Zakharov V. P.: "About the exhibition of Anna Zakharova, "Plastic fairy tale of the XXI century",, may 17, 2016. (
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