Anonymous followers
Hieronymus Bosch

The works of Hieronymus Bosch inspired many artists, writers, Directors. Using images from the visual vocabulary of Bosch, trying to reproduce the type of thinking, the mechanisms of his imagination, they created original works, spoke his word and in art. But there were those who simply copied the Bosch - the whole triptychs or fragments of works. They did not speak his words, and did not expect to leave his name in history. Some of these unnamed followers of Hieronymus Bosch were his contemporaries, and perhaps even worked in his shop. Other copied Bosch on their own initiative (or at the request of a wealthy customer). Often they were such good copies and works "based on Bosch's" what the critics had to wrestle with deciding which sign to hang on the picture - "Bosch" or "follower of Hieronymus Bosch".

Here are collected the best works of anonymous followers of the Flemish school - those that are stored in major museums around the world and are quite suitable in order to get an idea about the work of Bosch.

Original works of Hieronymus Bosch, with descriptions, see here.
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