France • 1833−1912

Biography and information

Stanislas Henri Ruar (FR.Stanislas-Henri Rouart) is a French businessman, art collector and the artist. He was an engineer and son of a wealthy father (who produced military uniforms), but on the biography of Henri Roar influenced by the fact that from his youth he was friendly with Edgar Degas- they studied together in high school. Degas would be a lot write Roar and his familyand invite him to participate as an artist in The first impressionist exhibition.

Henri Ruar many willingly bought the painting of his contemporaries. Funds were available: he owned a factory on manufacture of engines for industrial refrigeration equipment. For 20 years, Henry Ruar was the mayor of the French city of La Queue-en-Brie.

After the death of Henri Roar arranged the sale of his art collection. At the auction then presented 285 of impressionist paintings and 77 works of the old masters.