The woman at the Desk

Lesser Ury • Painting, 1898, 71×51.5 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait, Interior
Style of art: Impressionism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1898
Size: 71×51.5 cm
Artwork in selections: 11 selections

Description of the artwork «The woman at the Desk»

When meeting with the artistic heritage of the Lesser URI catches the eye of one pattern. The eyes of the heroes of his portraits or paintings, the focus of which is a single character, almost never aimed directly at the viewer. There is a feeling that the artist avoids to look into the eyes of his models like he is uncomfortable to withstand their glance.

The feeling that relationships with people he had not easy, fails. About the artist Lesser URY prompts: "Being introverted and suspicious, he has never opened to people of URI, more and more distant from them, and at the end of life does become a recluse".

Acquaintances and strangers

Apparently, in the graph about the relationship of the artist with women these days that would make the status "it's complicated". Very rarely he makes them the object of admiration. The only exceptions are "portraits" of his favorite Berlin streets – they are beautiful creatures come from Lesser URY is really beautiful (1, 2). And that seems only to emphasize grace really sweet to his heart the urban landscape.

In other cases, when the main character of the fabric itself becomes a woman, he most often depicts her frustratedor shipped at hard labor. Or even stand so far beyond the basic plan, that her presence is noticed only by the name of the work (1, 2).

Even Nude model URI inexplicably ishitryayutsya to write so that it looks like a cold marble statue. A kind of chaste shifter "Venus before the mirror" Velazquez, suddenly zaschitivshaya its sensuous nudity. Coincidence or not, a year after Lesser URY extremely similar cloth creates a transatlantic fellow impressionist William chase, like restoring historical justice and returning the girl her provocative physicality.

That is characteristic: if the men in the paintings of Lesser URY at least sometimes have names (1, 2, 3), the fair sex, this honor was already once. A portrait of one of the strangers stands alone in this unnamed series. "Young lady in a large hat" – the only one whose watchful eye is directed is not even the eyes but the soul of the viewer. The model was clearly not indifferent to Lesser. And she's obviously a tough attitude, too complex range of feelings embodies her whole appearance. Who knows, maybe this young lady broke the heart of a young artist (Lesser was only 24 at the time of writing the portrait) and was the reason that he never dared to trust it to anyone else.

What is remarkable about the painting Lesser URY "Woman at the Desk"?

First, it is one of the rare episodes when the obvious personal contact with the artist depicted a lady. Even despite the fact that we see her hardly from the back.

Never – neither before nor after his paintings with the woman exuded an atmosphere of relaxed, idle bliss, which is beyond the power to destroy even the full immersion of the heroine in her occupation. What else is interesting – despite the dark colours of the room interior, lesser URY, paradoxically, purely impressionistic, managed to decorate it so that the palette treacherously gives joy and elevated spirit associated with the contemplation of the peaceful scene.

This is particularly and distinctly contrasted to the background of the fact that such generosity of tone and brightness, with a few exceptions, found only in the paintings of URI, where there are people, still lifes, but landscapes (1, 2, 3).

It is likely, with the lady of an artist is linked to the ties of kinship, which may explain the warm feeling and the feeling of peace of mind rarely experienced by them in the company of people. What notices and the American writer Jamilla Lankford is the author of queer novels about the adventures of scientists, who managed to give birth to a clone of Jesus Christ.

Picture found on the pages of the book "Stolen Christ": "They entered the Museum. The first room was dedicated to the heritage of German Jews in the prewar years <...> Francesca, tossing up her hands wandered from exhibit to exhibit. Felix first went after him, until at the end of the second hall his attention was drawn to a small painting: "Woman at the Desk" Lesser URY, who died in 1931. A woman in a white blouse and a lush skirt bent over the letter; the yard outside the window filled sun, but the room that the rays do not penetrate. The upholstery of the chair is pleasing to the eye a rich blue Mat at the woman at my feet, the warmth of the red tones. How many times he Felix, putting down the newspaper, saw Francesca sitting here by the window and writes to former classmates for dad's old Desk! The similarity struck him. Don't stay in front of him, a priceless masterpiece of Jewish art, he immediately bought a painting my sister as a gift".

Author: Natalia Azarenka