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Yuri Kosagovsky

Artist Yuri Kosagovsky has a rare gift of spatial vision, which allows him to create on his canvases a perspective or an illusion of perspective, without resorting to graphic means.

In his compositions, you immediately notice the balance between the totality of objects and the surrounding space. His innate ability to evaluate color shades and relationships continues his ability to cover space, destroying the boundaries of reality in such a way that his paintings reveal to us the wonderful world of the artist, in which accuracy and (ordinary) logic no longer exist, where the power of standards and standards ends and on the contrary, the spiritual domination of the senses begins, which awakens the feeling of happiness.


Born under the sign of Sagittarius, in 1941, in a family of doctors. Since childhood, he had the opportunity to observe the different lives of people, because his parents traveled a lot, across Russia, Central Asia, the Far East and even China.

... he paints, paints, writes
piano music.

Despite the obvious success in painting, he hardly enters the Union of Artists of the USSR, his works do not meet the requirements of social realism: but with the advent of the "thaw" public opinion changes, Yuri is beginning to be considered a very talented artist in his genre, he is recognized. The artist's talents are diverse, and his works are numerous: painting, music, drama, poetry.

His works are in private collections abroad and in the famous collection of avant-garde painting GD Kostaks in Greece, Athens.

Kosagovsky's name is also associated with the "ism" - he is essentially the ancestor of "Londonism" in painting, but Yuri does not limit himself to just this style, he is free to choose his style of writing. "Between every picture," he says, "there must be a gulf. Art is a phenomenon of nature, which, thank God, man does not know how to control."



Born under the sign of Sagittarius, 1941 in the family of the physicians; since his parents have traveled much, across Russia, Central Asia, Far East and even China.

... he is engaged in painting the literature for the piano.

He added that he could not get into the USSR Artists' Union.

The talents of Kossagovsky are diverse: painting, music, theater plays, poetry. He is a group of people who belong to the Kostakis collection, Athens, Greece.

It is a fact that it is in a state of mind that it is not a matter of fact.

. "Between two paintings, - he says, - there must be an abyss. Artist a phenomenon or Nature, which a man cannot control ".

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