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Stepanovich Podgursky
Biography and information
Now a lot is written about V. S. Podgursky has, I’ll be brief.
Podgursky Victor Stepanovich 1893 — 1969 was Born in the village of Ket, Narym edge. The grandson of a Polish nobleman who was exiled to Siberia for participation in 1863 the Polish Vosstaniye
As a child he lived in Vladivostok. He entered and studied at the Moscow school of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (MUZHVZ). Studied with Arkhipov and Vasnetsov.
In 1918 — 1920 he emigrated to China. Where he led an active artistic life, studied the old architecture, everyday life, national culture and traditions. He was a member of the Shanghai Art club, taught drawing, painting and plastic anatomy. Collaborated with the Shanghai architects for design of buildings. In 1925, the Museum of Genoa bought 4 of his work. Participated in exhibitions of Russian artists, exhibitions of the Art club, Association of artists"Atelier". In 1926 he held his personal exhibition where most of his works were sold. Was one of the founders of the first monument to Pushkin in Shanghai. In 1935 he went to Italy, where he studied the technique of the mosaic. And later they were made custom mosaic work for the Shanghai Bank in Hong Kong.
In 1947 he returned to the Soviet Union. Taught at the Kazan art school. Soon son Valery was arrested. Write as many sources of grief since his wife died IT’s NOT TRUE! Podgursky Valery was sentenced to 25 years, after 5 years, he was pardoned and rehabilitated soon. And then, in Tashkent, married, worked as the chief artist for Television and Radio broadcasting. It came and the father and mother. Viktor Stepanovich has portraits of his two older granddaughters.
In Tashkent, V. S. Podgursky was one of the founders of the Theatrical Art Institute. For a long time there has taught painting and drawing. His work is scattered around the world.
Died V. P. podgurskiy in 1969 in Tashkent, having neither Merited titles, no honors.
Buried at the Russian cemetery Darabad.
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Victor Stepanovich Podgursky. The Isle of Putu, the monastery. 1922
The Isle of Putu, the monastery. 1922
Victor Stepanovich Podgursky
1922, 32.5×22.5 cm
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    Victor Stepanovich Podgursky. The Isle of Putu, the monastery of 63.2×44,2
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