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Vitaly Sitnitsky
born in 1983 artist, collector,
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Vitaly Sitnitsky
liked the art news items ,
"The first book dedicated solely to this important member of the Russian avant-garde, this volume profiles Lazar Khidekel, a brilliant artist and architect whose career proves a key link in the story of abstraction. For decades the work of Lazar Khidekel has been undeservedly overlooked by galleries and museums – primarily because the Russian avant-garde movement was interrupted midstream and forced underground by the Soviet state. This elegantly designed book provides the perfect introduction to Khidekel’s decades-long career and coincides with a recently renewed fascination with Suprematism and the development of 20th-century abstraction. A student of Chagall and Malevich, Khidekel was…
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Illustrator Brian Sanders offers a rare glimpse into Stanley Kubrick’s creative process

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