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Hendrik van der Borch Senior
 van der Borch Senior
Netherlands 1627−1699
Biography and information

Hendrik van der Borch (27.06.1627 G., Delft — 1699, Leiden) was a Dutch painter in the Baroque style.

He lived in Delft in 1642 and joined the Guild of St. Luke in 1649. It is mentioned in the documents of Pieter de Hooch in 1652, 1654, 1655.

One of his sisters was the wife of the artist Pieter de Hooch, genre scenes and interiors which resemble the work of Hendrik van der Borch.

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Artist's artworks
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Hendrik van der Borch, Senior. Still life with a collection of rarities, Tondo
Still life with a collection of rarities, Tondo
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