Evgeni (Eugene)
Yakovlevich Gordiets (Gordian)

United States • Philadelphia • artist
Born in 1952 in the settlement of Makeyevka, Ukraine.
Was accepted to art school in Kiev at the age of fifteen.
Subsequently, with honors and awards graduated from Kiev Art University and the Kiev Art Academy.
After graduation he taught at the National Institute of Fine Arts of Ukraine, where he was one of the youngest professors in the history.
Are the winner of numerous national and international competitions, and have many awards from various art institutions, was a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, awarded the title people's Artist of Ukraine.
His works are in numerous museums and private collections around the world.
My paintings are in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Cologne the Museum of Modern Art in Germany, the Museum of Russian Art in Kiev, numerous national museums of cities of Ukraine.
Since 1991 live and work in the United States.
My work was sold at Christie's auction.
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