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born in 1981 •
Biography and information
Alisa Denoizz was born in Tallinn, Estonia on the Baltic Sea coast and as a child moved to the Azov Sea coast. Here on the sunlit landscapes of Berdyansk, Ukraine I found first inspiration for my paintings. From early childhood I took drawing lessons, I have won the city regional Art competitions and successfully graduated from Art School.
Clinical psychologist by education, an Artist by vocation.
I live and work in Moscow, Russia.

Having tried oil paints for the first time in 2015, I haven’t been able to part with them. Since then, I have been influenced by many ways of creating and expressing my passion on canvas in different genres and styles, using bright colors and sculptural textures. I’m sticking to the impasto technique in painting.
I create my works with oil paints and a palette knife, concentrating on color intensity, thick texture and the effect of the movement layers. I love seeing the vortices of different colors resist mixing, competing for a solo role.

Creating a kaleidoscope of shapes and tones (reminiscent of stained-glass) made me bold and decisive in the process. It’s no longer only painting - it is the omnipresent movement and breathing of vital energy into the canvas.

So when you move around the room and the ridges of paint catch the light, there is always something new to see.
Popular on Instagram @alisa_denoizz
Works are in private collections and digital galleries.
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  • About me
    Freelance Artist В живописи придерживаюсь техники импасто. Свои работы создаю с помощью масляных красок и мастихина, концентрируясь на интенсивности цвета, густоте текстуры и эффекте движения мазков.
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    Expressionism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Symbolism
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    Oil, The palette knife
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    Still life, Landscape, Mythological scene, Urban landscape
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