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Elena Kizilova, better known under the creative pseudonym Swati Farnæ / Swati Farnæ is an artist from North Ossetia-Alania.
She was born in the city of Bishkek (Frunze), the capital of Kyrgyzstan, then, together with her family, moved to the motherland of North Ossetia in the city of Vladikavkaz. She studied at the children's art school. S.D. Tavasiyev. She graduated from the picturesque and pedagogical department of the Vladikavkaz Art School. After graduating from college she studied computer design and at the same time worked in various advertising agencies. Received professional certification in Poland. Since August 2000 - member of the Union of Designers of Russia.
1997 - the first personal exhibition in the House of Arts (painting and computer graphics).
1998 - an exhibition of young artists of Ossetia, Vladikavkaz.
2000 - Russian design festival “Ferodiz” (Zheleznovodsk).
2001 - personal exhibition "Advertising and Design" in the House of Arts (Vladikavkaz).
2010 - the annual exhibition of the Union of Artists of Ossetia “Autumn Opening Day” (Vladikavkaz).
2010 - Russian design festival “Ferodiz”, Zheleznovodsk.
2013 - exhibition-competition of the Union of Artists of Ossetia “Ossetia is our mountainous region”, dedicated to the memory of Z.P. Aboeva, Vladikavkaz.
2015 - the second personal exhibition of painting and graphics "Journey between worlds" (Music Library Music MBUK CBS Vladikavkaz).
2015 - the exhibition "Vernissage of the Year" in the hall of the Union of Artists (Vladikavkaz)
Broadcasts on local television: the program "Naraspashku" in 1998 with the leading S. Abaeva, and in 2007 - the program "Deep Decadence" with the leading Dm. Zagorsky, in 2016 - the author's transfer of D. Ktsoyeva "The power of ideas." Aired two interviews on local radio. Various notes, articles, interviews in local newspapers and magazines are printed.
2016-2017 - the third personal exhibition of painting and graphics "Thread of Time" (Republican National Scientific Library of RNO-Alania, Vladikavkaz).
07/11/2017 - the author’s program “Vocation” by M. Sanakoyeva was shot.
03/01/2018 - a meeting with the artist Swati Farnæ in the National Scientific Library of the RNO-Alania within the framework of the “National Collection” project.

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