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Lovina Olga Ivanovna

Status: Member of the artists Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Membership card N 887.
Effective date: 1992.

Section: Ornamental art.

Genre: Jewelry, art enamel, graphics

Labor activity began in Russia at the Uglich watch factory "Chaika" - is made by author's sketches of jewelry with a clock (1983-1985). He worked in Estonia in Tallinn jeweler in the experimental Association "Yuvel '" (1985-1991). In 1991, he returned to his hometown Pavlodar and worked in art-industrial workshops. Accepted into the Union of artists of Kazakhstan in 1992. According to the art historian E. Oak, " by Creating his own style,the artist owns traditional methods of processing alloys (filigree, engraving, openwork prebilovci, enamelling etc.) and knowledge of the aesthetic qualities of metal and stone. It is characterized by an absolute understanding of the material, freedom in the handling of form and texture. Major works: commemorative medals (casting), jewellery (metal, enamel, gems, filigree, granulation), decorative plaques and panels (hot enamel, metal), etc. Since 1998. teaches at children's art school No. 2 of Pavlodar. The author of the program in jewelry art,founded in 1998 , awarded a diploma and honorary prize in 2005 in the city of Syzran (Russia).According to this program is training students in the art schools of Kazakhstan.
Creative activity was reflected in movies and television: "History of jewels" (TV Didar-Kazakhstan Didar-RTR, 2003), "The Muses" (Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, 2005), "Hahayim" (TV IRBIS, 2006), "Wkyt Keruen" analytical telecast in Kazakh (Kazakhstan-Pavlodar, 2008). "ABC of happiness" (Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, 2013)


2012. 3-31 March. "Trio". The Pavlodar regional Museum of art (graphics, art enamel, jewelry).
2010. Exhibition graphics. PSU. Pavlodar.
2008. Jewelry collection "the Vikings" fashion theater "Vernissage". GDK. Pavlodar.
2006.Jewelry collection "World of beauty" fashion theater "Vernissage" GDK Pavlodar
2004. Collection "portrait of a woman" in jewelry. Pavlodar regional art Museum
2004. Collection of jewelry "Egypt" theatre of fashion "ayslu". The exhibition — industrial complex of Pavlodar


2015 charity art project "Golden Fleece"

2015 "festival of arts" Innovative Eurasian Universitet.g Pavlodar.
2014 exhibition of Almaty, in the Museum named after Kasteev.
2014. exhibition-fair of Pavlodar region in Astana.
2014."A portrait of" g Atyrau. "Pandan"
2014 exhibition at the Art Academy in Astana. "Autumn melody"

2014 "little talks" travelling exhibition.
in the cities of Semipalatinsk and Ust Kamenogorsk.
Museum of fine arts.. Pavlodar branch of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan.
2014. "And the snow melts, heart melts" Pavlodar regional art
2014.2 international scientific-practical conference of the New in art and design.Exhibition. Pavlodar regional art Museum.
2013.June. International Central Asian Crafts Fair . Astana city;in the exhibition hall
The Congress hall on 12 June 2013!4-15 June 2013. Pavlodar; on the territory of Pavlodar
The regional history Museum. G. P. Potanin.
2013. Jan. Exhibition of artists of Pavlodar. Regional art Museum.

2012. March. Exhibition of applied art "Holy hands mothers." The house-Museum of Bukhar jirau.
2012. September. Exhibition of the teachers. Children's art school No. 2 of Pavlodar.
2012. October. Exhibition "Autumn landing". Regional art Museum. g,Pavlodar.
2012. November. Exhibition-Fair. "Kerekou Bayan". Astana.
2012. Exhibition. The Museum of the 1st President. Almaty.
2012. The exhibition-contest. "Zerger-Karaganda". Karaganda.

2011. Exhibition of artists-teachers "Jewelry and art". Children's art school N 2, Pavlodar.
2011. The exhibition "Kazakhstan-Siberia". Pavlodar.
2011. The Exhibition "My Kazakhstan". The Institute for training. Pavlodar.
2011. Exhibition at the Festival of ethnic cultures. GDK im.Yestay. Pavlodar.

2010. Exhibition and competition of decorative and applied art, devoted to Day of capital of Kazakhstan. Pavlodar.

2009. Exhibition of decorative-applied art of Central Asia. Museum of local lore.Potanin.g.Pavlodar.
2009. "Street of artisans". To the city day of Pavlodar.
2009. Symposium on hot enamel. Art Studio 204 (Yaroslavl, Russia).
2009. Exhibition of masters of decorative-applied art dedicated to the Constitution Day of Kazakhstan. Pavlodar.
2009. Project M. ART "eXhibition". Pavlodar regional art Museum.

2008 - Exhibition "My Kazakhstan".The Department of education of Pavlodar region.
2008.Exhibition "Man and nature".Innovative Eurasian University (Pavlodar).
2008. Forum "number Sheber — 2008". The office of entrepreneurship and industry of Pavlodar region.
2008 — Exhibition of masters of arts and crafts of Central Asia "silk road". Museum of local lore. Potanin Pavlodar.
2008.- Exhibition friendly cartoon. Pavlodar regional art Museum, Pavlodar
2008. - Exhibition "Creation" of the Pavlodar regional art Museum
2008. - Exhibition of creative works of teachers of the art school №2

2007. -The exhibition "Winter joy". Pavlodar regional art Museum.
2007. - Exhibition dedicated to 70-anniversary of Pavlodar region and the independence Day of Kazakhstan, in the hall of GDK im.Yestay in Pavlodar
2007. - Exhibition of creative works of teachers of the art school №2 in Pavlodar

2006. - Exhibition dedicated to 15th anniversary of RK Independence and the 20th anniversary of the December events. The Department of education of Pavlodar region
2006. - Exhibition "New in art and design." Pavlodar regional art Museum
2006. - London international charity fair. British Council ( UK)
2006. - Exhibition of creative works of teachers of the art school №2 ( Pavlodar)
2006. Project "M*art" Pavlodar regional art Museum, Pavlodar
2006. - Open-air exhibition of works dedicated to the city of Pavlodar Museum
literature and art. Bukhar-Zhirau

2005. - Exhibition "New steppe-3" music.College.P.And.Tchaikovsky Pavlodar
2005. - Exhibition of creative works of teachers of the art school №2 in Pavlodar
2005. - International festival of folk art "World around us" Syzran.
2005.- International and national fair of ideas and goods. Kazakhstan Center of business cooperation "Atakent". Almaty

2004.- Exhibition of creative works of teachers of the art school № 2 in Pavlodar
2004. - Exhibition "the Man and his work." The Project " Intelligence."g.Astana
2004. - The exhibition "World of beauty" in the Exhibition industrial complex of Pavlodar

2003. - Exhibition dedicated to teacher's Day children's art school №2 in Pavlodar
2003. - The regional exhibition for the 65th anniversary of the Pavlodar region. Pavlodar regional art Museum

2002. - The exhibition of the Pavlodar artists "Bunch of beautiful ladies". Pavlodar regional art Museum

2001. - Autumn exhibition of artists — pedagogov №2, Pavlodar

2000.- Anniversary exhibition of the members of the CX RK, Almaty
2000. - Exhibition "Umai-Ana" Pavlodar regional art Museum.
2000. Exhibition "Golden master" in the framework of the program "Zhanashyr" Fund "Soros Kazakhstan" in honor of the 280-th anniversary of Pavlodar regional library. S. M. Toraigyrov
2000. - Open-air exhibition of works of children's art school №2 in Pavlodar
2000. - Graphic exhibition of artists — teachers of the Palace of schoolchildren of Pavlodar

1999. - Exhibition of graphics and paintings of artists — teachers. Regional library. S. M. Toraigyrov

1998. - Exhibition of art-toys. Pavlodar regional art Museum.
1998. - The exhibition of the Pavlodar artists, members of the CX RK, dedicated to the education of the Northern capital of Kazakhstan-Astana.

1996. - Exhibition of applied art in the gallery of the House of Abai. Almaty

1992. - The exhibition of the Pavlodar artists, members of the CX Kazakhstan Pavlodar regional art Museum.
1990.- Regional exhibition in the city of Vladimir (Russia)

1984. Regional dog-show in Yaroslavl (Russia)
1984. Exhibition of art Association Uglich Uglich (Russia)

1983. Reporting autumn exhibition in Kostroma (Russia)
1981. - Youth exhibition in Kostroma (Russia)
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