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Alexander MATYUKHIN - artist, graphic designer, photographer

His interest in visual art (painting, drawing, photography) comes from his mature childhood and adolescence. His fascination with drawing first came
at the age of 17.
After serving in the army, he studied painting at the school-studio of the Honored Artist of Russia Peter Emilievich Bendel.

The subjects of Alexander's first paintings were "born" from emotional impressions and travels.
Portraits, still lifes, landscapes... There are a lot of them in his creative collection.

But his special, "cherished place" became his predilection not only for landscapes in general, but specifically his favorite place of the Moscow region - the Istra region
and "Jerusalem Stavropigialny Monastery" in all seasons.

This is a whole series of thematic program works, which came to my heart
not only to admirers of his talent, but also to the author himself.

As with any artist, his creative life included group and solo exhibitions at galleries and the Belyaevo District Identity Center in Moscow.
But most importantly, the canvases did not stay in exhibitions for a long time, but were given to friends or purchased by private collectors.

"I wish I could paint more pictures." - admits the author.
- "A photograph captures real moments," and a "living picture" is profound,
it summarizes impressions and always presents the individuality, the handwriting, the found and successfully disclosed theme of the idea, demonstrating the mastery of the artist.

Skillful in composition, the placement in space of the object and subjects, color texture, he is always fascinated by events. But for him solitude is also important. Finding the state of unity with nature, and the state of creativity, when already
is incapable of observing the passage of time.

All of the author's "parallel hobbies" of creative design, or rapid-fire filming, are either distractions or help to create new pictorial works? Who knows..
The artist is always alone with the world, and nature always conducts its unhurried dialogue with the author, who creates a new work..

This is a significant part of the awareness of his artistic world,
which Alexander Matyukhin takes seriously, thoughtfully
and thorough. The handwriting of his work is clear and memorable, as is everything that is done
from the heart, not by rush order.

For almost 25 years, Alexander has been passionately engaged in photography.
But perhaps not every author can say that about himself:
"My work and life are filled with creativity and the joy of meeting new and interesting people, young and adult heroes.
I strive to see and capture the beauty even in the most ordinary event..."

Valery Senkevich,
international journalist and eyewitness,
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