Azerbaijan • Baku • born in 1963 • artist
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Biography and information

Genghis Abassov is one of the renowned contemporary artists representing Azerbaijan painting. Although he works mainly abroad , in Europe and the United States , his works demonstrate the inextricable link with its cultural roots. Despite the wide range of artistic genres: figurative , urban landscape, portrait,in which the artist works, the style is recognizable Abassova free, expressive style of writing and unique combination of bright,colorations approach of the Azerbaijani school of painting and the traditions of Western realism. A native of Baku, born in 1963 , Abassov showed interest in drawing and painting in early childhood . At the age of six he began to study drawing and painting at the Palace of pioneers of Baku. Nine years later he began his education at the art school named after Azimzade in Baku, where he spent four years studying drawing, painting and composition. After military service, he entered the higher art school. V. I. Mukhina, now known as the Academy of art and design. Baron von Stieglitz in St. Petersburg, Russia, studying monumental art , including the technique of murals , sgraffito , mosaics. After finishing school in 1989 with a master's degree in the field of fine art , Abasov worked in Baku state art plant, carrying out monumental-decorative work in mosaic and painting, and participated in exhibitions of the national youth art. During this period he also worked on several books as an Illustrator for the publishing house .Since the beginning of the 90s the artist began to exhibit his work widely in Europe, starting with Finland. In 1992, he went to the USA and began exhibiting his work in galleries in Laguna beach, California. During this period he also worked on various projects , including murals in Lompoc , California, and created works , commissioned by Duell Corporation in Los Angeles, for theme Park entertainment.

With 90 years of Abasov has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in Europe and the United States, such as the Gabala international art exhibition in Azerbaijan, Artexpo in new York , the Florence Biennale in Italy, etc.

Genghis Abassov is the author of private and public orders . The artist's works are in many private and public collections worldwide , including the head of state of Finland and Museum collections Reinhold Wurth.