Yurevich Drozhdin

Russia • Moscow • artist, collector, art dealer, art connoisseur
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Biography and information


Was born on 5 August 1964 in Moscow. After graduating from high school, worked in the factories of the electronic industry in Zelenograd. In 1983-85.g. he served in the Soviet Army in Mongolia. In 1991 he Graduated from the faculty of psychology of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov.
Sphere of scientific interests was psychology of personality. Supervisors were L. Radzihovsky, V. Marks, M. Magomed-Eminov, Chairman of the Psychoanalytic Association of the USSR.
In 1988 organized the production of modern icons in the context of individual business activities. In 1990-1991.g. worked as a Manager-expert in arts and crafts in SP "ragtime". In 1990 he became a founder and Deputy Chairman of the Union of Artists of Moscow.
In 1991 he organized a Small cultural-creative company "Moscow icon workshop" which heads to the present ( iconamaster.ru). Since 1991, he organized and participated in over 80 exhibitions of contemporary Russian icons in the best halls of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg (GTKG, Central house of artists on Krymsky Val, Central exhibition hall "Manege", Museum of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Museum of Moscow "Solyanka", "Kolomna" , "Fund for Slavic literature and culture", the Pavilion of Culture in VVC, etc.) and abroad (Greece, Germany, South Africa).
In 1992 he received the blessing of the icon-painting in the Pskov-Pechersk monastery from the renowned contemporary icon painter Archimandrite Zinon o. In 1993 he organized and led within the framework of the "Moscow icon workshop" icon-painting school-Studio, which was located originally in the exhibition hall "na Solyanke", later in Zelenograd Artists ' Club (JSC Moscow).
In 1994, he received the blessing of Archimandrite Cyril (Pavlov) to work with electronic media, and together with the company the LOT was released first in Russia electronic album of modern Russian icon painting.
In 1994 he developed a new training program of iconography for artistically gifted laity of the Orthodox. The number of graduates trained in this programme, become the leading icon-painters of Russia (O. Erzikova, A. Lisenkov, etc.). In 1992 organized a series of traditional exhibitions "Russian icon of the twentieth century" in the Central house of artists on Krymsky Val. In the mid 90-ies participated in the project of the edition "Russian Bible" in the Publishing Department of the ROC MP from the Pskov-caves monastery.
In 2000 he became a member of the icon painting section of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia to UNESCO. In the early 2000s included the Central Council of all-Russian Public Movement "Orthodox Russia".
Awarded the medal of the ROC MP. PRP. Sergius of Radonezh Blessed the Patriarch's Diploma Blessed by the Certificate of the Moscow Diocese, honorary marks of public associations diplomas for participation in a number of exhibitions of Church art, VVC, Moscow Patriarchate, GDG etc.
Since 1994 the main activity was the revival of the destroyed shrines: participation in the revival of the St. George monastery, Zverev monastery, the Khutyn monastery in Veliky Novgorod; Lukyanova Desert, Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery in Zvenigorod, many churches in Moscow and Moscow region. Participated in establishing new churches in Moscow and Moscow region, including the memorial Church in Butovo.
From 1991 to the present, is a leading expert and restorer of old Russian icon painting in the company "Moscow icon workshop".