Joseph Mgassa

born in 1991 • artist

Biography and information

Chris Mgassa "Biosingularity"

The main idea of this work is the first matter, the space where cease to operate material laws. The universe began in a point in time. However, the beginning of creation, the singularity, is not subject to any known laws of physics.

"Bio" in Greek means "the attribution of something to living organisms, their condition, life." Art paintings you can see a direct connection between the two terms. "Singularity" is a system of uniting all in one.

If you look at a few images, you can see or feel the subtle the relationship of these terms. The viewer is immersed in the potentially volatile and beautiful in the microenvironment. It looks like a small excursion into the world of monism of the Universe. Space with different gravity and material nature, where everything is interconnected.

The main theme is organic matter, its microstructures and textures, matter, continuously changing, and sealed in one of the stages of transformation.

Looking deeper, it becomes possible to capture an even greater multiplicity of their interpretations - and this forms, perhaps, the fictional mikroform of life, like protozoa.

In the paintings there are certain codes, which are a connecting link between the visible and invisible manifestations of both existing and not yet existing fundamental principles, emanations, impulse.