Vladimirovich Devochkin

born in 1973 • artist
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Was born on 5 February 1973, in the city of Krasnoyarsk (Russia, Siberia). In a musician family (mother) and artist (father). Four years was engaged in painting, drawing. With seven years of music (class of violin, studied at the music school). Many times participated in the drawing competition for children "snowdrop" and other exhibitions. Encouraged with diplomas. He then entered the school, from second grade. Successfully graduated and entered the Krasnoyarsk art College named.In.And.Surikova. Graduated and received a diploma. Then engage in design activity. Wrote sketches, paintings under the impression of the unique beauty of Siberian nature. In Krasnoyarsk was held more than ten solo exhibitions of painting.

Since August 2002 he lives and works in St. Petersburg. During the first year of stay in the city, together with his father (professional artist Vladimir Devochkin) , held four solo exhibitions.
The theme of "Yenisei-father".
Many works are in private collections in Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and other cities of Russia and abroad: Ireland, Germany, Finland.
In 2004, a candidate member of the Union of artists of SPb.
Next, were invited and have been exhibited in high school 271 , the library on Leninsky Ave.,
clinic 119 (Conf\hall), the House of Nationalities (15 Mokhovaya str.).
Also constantly invited and exhibited in various online galleries of Russia, Europe, USA.

Personal exhibitions :
1. Gallery "Blue room" in 2002.
2. Exhibition hall "Smolny" in 2003.
3. Gallery "Blue room" - 2003.
4. Gallery Mikhailov "Window to Siberia," 2003.

In the future, participated in exhibitions and projects :
1. Personal page in the catalog "ARTINDEX" - 2004. (Painters Of Saint-Petersburg).
2. Collective exhibition "Autumn - 2004", St. Petersburg Union of artists. Participation in the directory.
3. Collective exhibition "Saint-Petersburg" (arena)
4. International ART fair - 2006 (LENEXPO, St. Petersburg).
5. Participation in competition of marine painters - 2006 (Academy of fine arts of St. Petersburg ).
6. Personal page in the catalog "ARTINDEX", 2008, 5th edition, p. 135. ( Painters Of Saint-Petersburg ).
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