Stokes (Preindlesberger)

Austria • 1855−1927

Biography and information

Marianne Stokes (Marianne Stokes) - nee — Randsberger was born in Austria in 1855, first studied in Munich, and then moved to Paris, where he came under the influence of the naturalistic trend in particular — bastien-Lepage, known for his work about rural life.

B 1884, Marianne met a British landscape artist Adrian Stokes. They married and moved to England. From the late 1870s until the 1900s Stokes he exhibited his paintings at the Royal Academy, and even won a medal at выставке1893. It was considered one of the leading artists in the UK. Especially famous was her work, close prerafaelita. For example, "Aucassin and Nicolette" on the French novel of the thirteenth century.

At the turn of the century Stokes left oil painting and began to work in tempera. This is attributed to the influence of "Treatise on painting", Cennino Cennini. Marianne Stokes is not only a preferred technique of early artists (which was quite in the spirit of the pre-Raphaelites), but saw this and ethical direction, including work in tempera, "a method with the greatest spirituality, sincerity and purity of color."

Adrian and Marianne Stokes traveled. So in 1905, they spent six months in Slovakia, traveling to villages. It was a fruitful period for both Adrian he painted landscapes with images of picturesque houses and scenes of the harvest, and Marianne painted portraits of local residents, paying special attention to items of national clothes.

Died Marianne Stokes in London in 1927.