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born in 1973 •
artist, collector
Born in Moscow in 1973
DHS number 1 them.Serova
In 1994 she graduated from MHPU them. Kalinin
Member of the International Art Fund

Chairman of the jury of the annual theater conference "From Raik to Modern" in the section "Decorations and costumes"

Participation in exhibitions:

• International Art Fund "Latvia" 2006
• Spring Salon on Kashirka 2009 "Association of Women Artists" IRIDA "and the Union of Women of Russia
• Spring Exhibition at the Union of Women of Russia 2009
• 5th International Art Week 2009
• Exhibition Complex on Tishinka. Art competition ideal nature2009
• The cultural center of the museum of the armed forces.
• Summer impromptu in the Slavic Center 2009
• "Geysers of the subconscious" on Solyanka
• “Fantasies of summer” on Kashirka
• Talk to me, city museum Izmailovo
• State Concern "Taganka" Contemporary 2009
• Art Salon Zvenigorod 2009-2010
• International Competition "Spirit and Reality" Kasygin Academy 2009
• Personal exhibition in the family living room bibl.156 2009-2010
• Izmailovo “They live near us” 2010
• Izmailovo "Treasure Island" 2010
• Library of Ukrainian literature "
Spring, victory "2010
• Art-salon "Melody" (Skatertniy Lane) "Wine, cinema and ..." 2010
• Library of Ukrainian literature “
• “France through the eyes of Russian artists” Slavic center of culture and writing
• Izmailovo Museum “Day of Russia”
• CHA "Our Isograf2010"
• Personal exhibition in the restaurant "Berloga" on
Taganka, Moscow
• Library of Ukrainian Literature 2010
• Personal exhibition in the library 204 on
Kolomna 2010
• Bulgaria. Sofia. Collective exhibition 2011 TSPS
• Exhibition "Returning from distant wanderings" Ginzburg Gallery on Taganka2011
• 20th Anniversary Moscow Traditional Traditional Competition for Women Artists of Russia
Spring Salon 2012
• Simonov Library May, June 2012
• Library No. 156 July, August, September
2012, personal exhibition, dedicated to the Day of the city, together with Zhanna Samorukova
• GVZ "Na Kashirke" Anniversary exhibition of the "Artist" SAD Diploma in the nomination "Best
colorist "August 2012
• GVZ "on Varshavka" September 2012 Collective exhibition-sale
• Avant-garde. Cultural and Exhibition Center "2013
• Gallery "Art persona" on Mayakovskaya 2014
• 1,2,3 free painting market in St. Petersburg2014
• Library named after Simonov 2014
• Library 156, Manor project and parks of Moscow and Moscow region under the direction of Sayda Afoninoy2014
• 4.5 painting market, St. Petersburg, 2014
• 6, 7 free painting market in St. Petersburg
• Personal exhibition in the Art-cafe "Books and Coffee", St. Petersburg, 2014
• Personal exhibition "Mirrors of the heavenly oceans" in the office of the company "Transas", 2015
• Collective exhibition "Lyrical landscape" Domzhur,
• Moscow, 2015
• Annual exhibition "Modern Realistic Art" "Landscape", dedicated to the 155th anniversary of Levitan in the International Art Fund, 2015
• Exhibition "Fazenda 2015" in Sokolniki
• Exhibition “Modern realistic art, landscape, city of Sarov, 2015
• Personal exhibition "Mirrors of the heavenly oceans", St. Petersburg, Ostrovsky Library, 2015
• Personal exhibition "Mirrors of the heavenly oceans", St. Petersburg, Pushkin Library, St. Petersburg, 2015
Personal exhibition in the library 156 Moscow "Mirrors of heaven" 2015
Collective exhibition in MPGU 2015
Collective exhibition in the office of the company Grant-Thornton "Moscow" Summer to the office "2015
Personal exhibition library 122, 2015
Collective exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Stanislav Zhukovsky. Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions 21st Century, Pruzhansky Palace, Belarus 2015

Collective exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Stanislav Zhukovsky. Association of Mobile Art Exhibitions, 21st Century, Brest Fortress, Belarus, 2015

59th exhibition “Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. XXI Century ”Sergey Andriaka Academy.

Nesvizh Castle 2015 g

Krasnodar, the regional Art Museum. F. Kovalenko opens the 60th exhibition of the art association “Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. XXI century (St. Petersburg) ". 2015


Alushta, the regional museum
Vorontsov Palace, Theodosius (not exactly)
Kerch Museum of History and Art, Association of traveling art exhibitions
Kolomna, Central Exhibition Hall, "By Nature Paths"
Ruzhansky castle, Belorus
Fair Art Weekend
Library 204 "Dear creativity"
Fair "Fazenda" in Sokolniki
Library 156
Expocentre Vernissage of paintings "Big Family in a Big City"
Library 215
Sergiev Posad, State Historical and Art Museum-Reserve, 65 editions of the goods of mobile art exhibitions
Personal exhibition of miniatures in Biblioteca Guardamar del Segura
Podolsk, the central exhibition hall. Association of mobile art exhibitions
Minsk National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus
Association lane.hud.
Minsk, gallery to them. Moiseenko, TPHV
Chechersk History and Ethnography Museum in November 2016 Belarus. TPHV
Personal exhibition in the State Memorial Historical and Art
and the natural museum-reserve of V.D. Polenov “Russia is a skerny corner”

Personal exhibition in the Museum of local lore Pavlovsk, Voronezh region

Publications - “Art” Catalog
Of Russia "
National Chamber of Arts.
Catalog of the exhibition on Tishinka
An article in the newspaper "Nagatinsky Zaton"

Works are in private and corporate collections in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Japan, the Netherlands,
Abkhazia, USA, Canada, England, Greece, France, Spain, Bulgaria.

In state collections:

In the museum-reserve Polenovo
Landscape Museum named after Levitan in Eliseikovo
Museum-Estate Zhuravlinoe them. Stanislav Zhukovsky in
Museum Pruzhansky palatsik, Belorus
Museum "Ruzhanskі Palaces complex Sapieha" 2016

Library 215, Moscow
Library №204, Moscow
Library №156, Moscow
Pushkin Library, St. Petersburg
Secondary school 1750
Tula orphanage
Kerch History and Art Museum-Reserve ("Good morning")

Tel. 8 (499) 616-22-06, 8 (903) 774-28-89


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