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Jacopo Tintoretto
Italia 1518−1594
Все выставки художника
Biography and information
The artist Jacopo Robusta (better known as Tintoretto, 1518/1519 — 1594.) the master of the Venetian school of the late Renaissance.
Born in Venice. His nickname (Tintoretto — "little Dyer") was due to his father’s profession of Dyer. Early showed a talent for painting, he enrolled for training to Tiziano and soon began to make progress. According to legend, it is scared of a teacher who divined in him a dangerous rival, Titian refused him further education.

The creativity and work of the artist

Names of famous paintings of Jacopo Robusta:
• "The Origin Of The Milky Way";
• "The last supper";
• The "Abduction Of Helen";
• "The last judgment";
• "Bacchus, Venus and Ariadne" and others.
The artist’s paintings keenly showed the coming tragedy of the era, the proximity of change. "Talking" there were many titles Robusta. He used advanced techniques of composition, angles, perspectives. The work of Jacopo Robusta differ rapid mobility. The master sought to describe and record what occurs, moves and then disappears, without stopping for a long time before my eyes. He also willingly wrote and portraits, amazing great production figures, the power of colors and expressiveness.
The names of the paintings and their images are presented on pages Archive.

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Jacopo Tintoretto. Esther before Artaxerxes
Esther before Artaxerxes
Jacopo Tintoretto
1548, 207.7×275.5 cm
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Jacopo Tintoretto. Portrait of a young man
Jacopo Tintoretto. Portrait of a jeweler Girolamo Pozzo
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Jacopo Tintoretto. Bacchus, Venus and Ariadne
Bacchus, Venus and Ariadne
1577, 146×167 cm
Jacopo Tintoretto. Ascension of Christ
Ascension of Christ
1578, 539×325 cm
Jacopo Tintoretto. Federigo II Gonzaga wins Parma
Federigo II Gonzaga wins Parma
283×212 cm
Jacopo Tintoretto. The battle of the Taro
The battle of the Taro
422×270 cm
Jacopo Tintoretto. The Miracle of the Slave. The Miracle of St. Mark
The Miracle of the Slave. The Miracle of St. Mark
1548, 416×544 cm
Jacopo Tintoretto. The Rescue Of Arsinoe
The Rescue Of Arsinoe
251×153 cm
Jacopo Tintoretto. Venus, Vulcan and Mars
Venus, Vulcan and Mars
1545, 198×134 cm
Jacopo Tintoretto. The Annunciation: The Angel and Wife Manoes
The Annunciation: The Angel and Wife Manoes
1559, 150×155 cm
Jacopo Tintoretto. Joseph and Potiphar's wife
Joseph and Potiphar's wife
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