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Russia • born in 1980 • artist
Born in Moscow in 1980, into a family of diplomats. Received education in the spirit of Soviet ideology, norms and standards of socialist society, the ideological school organizations. In the early years of life a sharp discrepancy between reality broadcast notions of understanding and way of perceiving the surrounding reality, and the disintegration of the state, ideologically determined life goals on the background of universal rapid fading and decline, leads to the rethinking and the beginning of the reorganization of self-understanding. This assessment of these processes get much later, but of course, then began the internal dialogue, will largely determine the structure of creative ideas.

The first attempts to Express himself appear to 14 years: sculpture, watercolor experiments. None of this gets development. Socialization in a new environment eliminates the possibility of self-realization in art. Only 34 years after serious health problems, the end of Humanities of the University, providing experience in the banking and public spheres, and not having specialized art education, there is the opportunity to speak in the work.

All problems in life, begin to articleranitse new possibilities of artistic expression. The correctness or not correctness, and the legitimacy of this approach; the importance of external evaluation, boundaries, and outlines its influence on the structure of the act of creation; authority of phonememory as a factor determining the structure of the art object; the presence or absence of schools, schematics, technology: determine an art object or subjectivist it; the border of the primacy of ideas in the Genesis of artistic expression, etc. Arguments on the subject of these topics in the works, becomes an urgent task of the author. Each work is a challenge, the resulting experimentally and intuitively.
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