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Viktorovich Filippov

born in 1956 • artist
Childhood years were spent in the village of New Cochise, where lived the brothers, near the famous in the art world "Academic dacha" in the name of I. E. Repin. This has affected on the further creative life. Creative workshops, as well as views at the end of the stream, aroused great interest and admiration for the paintings, even then, the dream was born to become an artist.

However, fate decreed otherwise, first graduated from the Railway school, then Army, after the army was finished the Agricultural Academy but dream of becoming an artist was not lost.

First still life, watercolors from nature, was written in the Studio of Honoured artist of the USSR Sysoev Nikolai Alexandrovich, under his leadership.

Then acquaintance with the Leningrad painter Insurance Pyotr Ivanovich and his wife Ostrov Liya Alexandrovna. Since 1970, Fears P. I. was a mentor and teacher in my work.

Since 1980. permanent participant of regional and provincial exhibitions;
1991 — XXV regional exhibition of works of fine and decorative-applied art "I love this land";
1994 — the Autumn exhibition of artists from Tver in Tver;
1996 — XXVIII Zonal exhibition of works of art "I love this land";
1998 — Regional exhibition in the city of Tver;
1999 — Regional exhibition "the people's Pushkiniana", dedicated to 200 anniversary of Pushkin's birth;
2001 — Personal exhibition in Vyshny Volochyok;
2001 — the City exhibition "Summer opening day" in Vyshny Volochyok;
2005 — Exhibition "Link of times" in Mogilev Republic of Belarus, participation in the exhibition with the famous artists of Y. P. Kugach, M. Y. Kugach;
2006 — Exhibition "Modern art of Russia", Moscow;
2007 — Exhibition in Vyshny Volochyok dynasty Kugach and B. Petrenko;
2008 — exhibition of the Creative Association "Moskvorechye", Moscow;
2009 — the all-Russian exhibition in Moscow;
2009 — anniversary exhibition of the artists Union of Tver;
2010 — Exhibition of Creative Association "Moskvorechye", Moscow;
2010 — Exhibition of Creative Association "Moskvorechye" in Veliky Novgorod;
2011 — exhibition of the Creative Association "Moskvorechye", Moscow;
2011 — exhibition of the Creative Association "Moskvorechye" in the Central house of artists, Moscow;
2011 — Dec. Personal exhibition in USA, Utah (09.12.11-19.01.12);
2012 — exhibition of the Creative Association "Moskvorechye" in the ARTS;
2012 — Personal exhibition in the national gallery p. solar the Tver region. "I love this land" (July);
2012 — Personal exhibition in the Museum of the city of Sochi "In Tver region";
2013 — exhibition of the Creative Association "Moskvorechye" in the Central house of artists, Moscow;
2013 — Personal exhibition in the House of creativity "Academic dacha" (04.04.2013.);
2013 — exhibition of the Creative Association "Moskvorechye" in the House of creativity "Academic dacha", dedicated to 65 anniversary of the second birth, "a Disciple" (06.07.2013);
2014 — Personal exhibition in Vyshny Volochyok "...and the heart of the road stories" (February);
2014 — Participation in the exhibition dedicated to the memory of the teacher of Y. P. Kugach in the Russian Academy of Arts;
2014 — Winner of Governor's award for contribution to the arts;
2014 — Personal exhibition in the Exhibition hall of the city of Tver;
2015 — Personal exhibition in the Regional Museum of Vyshny Volochyok;
2015 — participation in the exhibition "Reflected in Tvertsa" Torzhok;
Since 1990, my mentors and teachers were Yuri Petrovich Kugach and Mikhail Kugach;
Since 2001, joint work with Gregory Chainikova, Andrey Zakharov, Ivan Kugach and other artists played a big role in the creative development;
Since 2003 member of Union of artists of Russia.
Working in the creative Association "Moskvorechie" have the ability to absorb the traditions of the great Russian realist art.
Currently, constantly working in creative cooperation in the workshop of Mikhail Yurevich Kugach of, member of the Russian Academy of arts.

Works are in the museums of Mogilev and Bobruisk Republic of Belarus, the Museum of Chinese in Harbin, private collections in Russia, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Romania, Finland, Germany, China, USA.
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