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born in 1979 •
He met the works of Mher Evoyan by chance, examining a friend’s collection, Karo Shagbazyan, who turned out to be an admirer of the artist’s art. Surprisingly, Mger’s works, which were exhibited along with the classics freely and confidently. the artist and his art. The works of Evoyan, no matter how different in subject and compositional structure, the inexplicable call of the soul bud gord knot connected with each other. And it comes from one side of the cde ryhannosti color spectrum, saturated with dark tones by the method of reproduction With the other, the desire to give the paintings of mystery. In the paintings
an accomplice of his inner desires, feelings, thoughts ....
The artist created a certain world a bit fabulous, a bit real and not real, where painter Mher Evoyan, dedicated to his goals, will work.
Vardanyan Vardanyan Art Critic
Chief Adviser of the Scientific and Administrative Center for Cultural Property
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    Родился 1979 в Армении. г.в анадзор.В 1996 г. поступил в художественное училище им.Терлемезяна на факультет живописи. В 2001 г. при содействии З.А.О.<АрменТел> в Доме Союза Художников Армении состоялась индивидуальная выставка,где были выставленны 160 картин .Окончив учёбу Мгер Эвоян посещяет ряд стран;Францию,Испанию, Грецию, Украину, Россию C 2007-2009г работал в Иджеванском филиале Е.Г.У.-а на факултете прикладного искусства преподавателем рисунка и живописи. В 2009 г стал членом Союза Художников Армении и, В 2007г UNESCO International Association of Art.
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